The year 2020 may become synonymous with the word infamy. One little germ caused the world to come to a halt. Washing our hands became an obsession while we struggled to figure out what ‘normal’ would look like in light of the pandemic. Soon, face masks were fashionable, and the grocery store clerk needed a superhero cape. We can learn many lessons or observations from this past year that can apply to the New Year, and seniors are leading the charge in resiliency and positivity.  

Are you ready to shake things up a bit and take 2021 by storm? Why not consider moving to a continuing care retirement community like Wesley Enhanced Living? Our dedicated staff understands the needs of seniors. We offer safe communities with extensive cleaning protocols, nutritious meals, exercise classes, and social engagement opportunities. We seek to meet your needs in the physical, mental, and emotional areas of your life. 

Lessons Learned in 2020

Nothing in life happens without the opportunity to learn from it. Here are a few lessons we can take away from the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Seniors are resilient: While the virus may have hit the elderly physically, older adults reported feeling calm, according to a Stanford University study. It appears that all your years of experience provided you with a solid foundation for handling the ups and downs in life, including the prolonged stress of this pandemic. According to the findings, the elderly can still teach younger generations a few things about handling stress and redirecting their focus to things that bring joy.
  2. The definition of essential worker has evolved: In 2019, it seemed America was enthralled with the latest singer, actor, or athlete’s life. Once the virus spread and stay-at-home orders were issued, the focus shifted from entertainers and centered on the dedicated nurses, medical staff, and store clerks. We were all put on the same playing field, and the true heroes came from our own ranks.
  3. Technology is vital to staying connected: Those who used to shun technology quickly discovered that visiting a doctor would require a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam. We learned that shopping carts didn’t have to be physical to hold our groceries, and our delivery driver had a family facing similar worries. 
  4. We miss hugging our grandchildren: Physical touch became more challenging as we observed social distancing. This left us feeling a little down as we couldn’t hold our grandchildren or celebrate birthdays and holidays together in the same location. But we learned the joy of waving and blowing kisses on a Zoom call. We rediscovered the joy of receiving a handmade card in the mail. We hugged our puppies and kittens more than we ever did before!   

Opportunities in 2021 

COVID-19 may have turned our lives upside down, but we still have opportunities to normalize and learn new things: 

  • Vaccines may make life more ‘normal’: The preliminary findings show that the vaccines being rolled out appear to have a high effectiveness level. Soon, seniors may be able to resume several activities they gave up because of the pandemic.
  • We should not take anyone for granted: Those on the frontlines of handling the virus and being in contact with the population at large deserve our respect. Common courtesy ought to be a massive part of our lives.
  • Learning technology will keep us connected to family and friends: As we continue to practice social distancing and limit in-person groups, technology will be more and more important. We may find that we can have our quilting circle, book club, or morning coffee with others via Zoom. 
  • Our physical, mental, and emotional health should remain a priority: Now more than ever, taking care of your body physically, mentally, and emotionally should top your list. This can take many shapes and forms, including eating nutrient-rich foods, finding exercise videos on YouTube, and enjoying video chats with friends and family.

Your New Normal Awaits at a Wesley Enhanced Living Community

Embrace a new normal when you join us at one of our Wesley Enhanced Living communities. You can choose from a range of options, including independent living, personal care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing. Allow us to share in your Golden Years and make it the best time ever!

Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior retirement communities for you or your loved ones.  Contact one of our Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors love where they live. Our staff is happy to discuss your elder’s needs or your own and inform you of our range of services. Virtual tours are now available. Call us today for more information.