Independent Living

Answer these 10 questions below to see if a move to our independent living senior living community could be a fit for you:
  1. Can you fix things around the house by yourself?
  2. Do you enjoy preparing meals the way you used to?
  3. Are you tired of eating alone?
  4. Do you shovel the snow off your sidewalk and driveway?
  5. Can you drive to the store, place of worship, and other locations?
  6. Is it easy to climb the stairs to your bedroom or from your basement?
  7. Are you able to do daily chores and activities without the help of friends or family?
  8. Could you care for yourself at home if you become ill?
  9. Do you spend quality time with others every day?
  10. Are you happy living by yourself?
If you answered “no” to any of these questions, residential living in a dynamic, service-oriented independent living community for seniors may right for you!

The American Heart Association notes that not having sufficient social support, activities, or resources results in “social frailty” for older adults. Studies have linked social frailty to poor health outcomes. Kaiser Health News says:

Social frailty is a corollary to physical frailty, a set of vulnerabilities (including weakness, exhaustion, unintentional weight loss, slowness, and low physical activity) shown to increase the risk of falls, disability, hospitalization, poor surgical outcomes, admission to a nursing home, and earlier death in older adults.

Wesley Enhanced Livings seeks to ensure that you have the supports and resources that you need to stay connected and engaged. The convenience and amenities at our communities will relieve you of daily chores, provide you with an opportunity to make new friends, and give you more time for your favorite activities and pursuits. And should you need it, healthcare services are easily accessible. For many of our residents, moving to a Wesley Enhanced Living independent senior living community has been the start of a wonderful new life!

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