Considerations for Senior Drivers

Dreaming of getting your first car and setting out on the open road is a frequent goal of many teenagers. You remember your first car, don’t you? Take a trip down memory lane, and soon you will think about taking your friends out for burgers and milkshakes after the movies. You might also picture driving home from the hospital with your newborn and being nervous about becoming a parent. Driving means freedom to many of us. Deciding to put the keys down permanently may be one of the most challenging choices you will have to make as a senior.

Know that when you live in a Wesley Enhanced Living community, you can leave the driving to us. Sure, if you want to take time for a drive, you can, and if you want to be escorted in style, we can do that, too. Our team understands that you give up a lot if you lay down the keys. We also work with you to give you every opportunity to stay healthy and fit, so if you want to keep driving, you will be much healthier doing it.

7 Ways to Know it’s Time to Consider Hanging Up the Keys

Deciding to stop driving and to get rid of your car is not an easy decision. You may have a myriad of feelings that you need to address. While the following list is not comprehensive, it gives you an idea of what you should look for:

  1. You have a deteriorating health condition. There are some physical diseases and conditions that will affect an individual’s agility and judgment. They include Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and diabetes. Remember that the medications you take for these health issues may prevent you from feeling comfortable behind the wheel.
  2. Your vision has become impaired. Everyone’s vision will grow weaker as they age. As a senior, you are more susceptible to cataracts, glaucoma, and other issues. This can impede your ability to read traffic signs and see what other drivers are doing.
  3. You cannot hear as well as you used to. Your hearing will also deteriorate, causing you not to hear car horns, screeching tires, emergency sirens, or other sounds that you should while driving. Hearing loss can happen gradually, so be sure to have regular hearing tests.
  4. The police have to stop you and give you tickets. Have you always been a safe driver, but all of a sudden, you have been issued two speeding tickets within the last six months? Maybe, the officer let you off with a warning. Either way, it may indicate that your driving capabilities are not what they used to be.
  5. You damage your car. Along with tickets, you may notice some damage to your vehicle from hitting a curb, the neighbor’s fence, or even a parked car in a parking lot. Mishaps happen, but pay attention to see if the frequency has increased.
  6. You don’t enjoy driving any longer. Sometimes, driving is a hassle. You have to load yourself into your vehicle, strain to pay attention to what is happening around you, and feel exhausted when you get to your destination. Why continue driving if it’s not pleasurable anymore?
  7. Your kids won’t let you drive with your grandkids in the car. A sure sign that you may need to address your driving abilities is when your kids tell you that you can no longer have your grandkids in the car with you. Remember that your children want the best for you and their own kids, so safety is a priority. 

Enjoy a Fulfilled Life at Wesley Enhanced Living – With or Without Car Keys

Live your life your way. We’re here to support you with a wide range of services, including our independent living, personal care, and rehabilitation, and skilled nursing options. Our team strives continually to enhance the lives of our seniors. Choose Wesley Enhanced Living and experience for yourself why our seniors love it here. 

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