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How to Beat the Winter Blues

Despite the cold weather, winter is a beautiful time of year. However, the colder temperatures do make it harder for seniors to get out and enjoy themselves. Add in shorter, gray days common to winter in the Northeast, and many people tend to feel a little dull. Seniors, especially, may miss loved ones as the holiday season comes to an end if they live alone or are homebound. Many may even struggle with depression as the seasons change.  However, there are many things that seniors can do to help stave off the winter blues. One step is to move to a continuing care retirement community to make friends, stay engaged, and enjoy each day as a blessing.

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Tips to Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season culminate in the age-old tradition of establishing a New Year's resolution. These include a range of different ideas - losing weight, eating healthier, getting organized, writing a book, learning a new hobby or sport, and so on. We are very good at setting resolutions, but we are not always very good at accomplishing them. Maybe you or your elderly loved one believe this year will be different - and it can be with some helpful tips and the support of the caring staff at a continuing care retirement community.

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How Caregivers & Family Members Can Cope with Stress During the Holidays

The holidays are a joyous time for families as they gather together to celebrate. Instead of being joyful, some family members caring for their elderly loved ones may feel frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed. The everyday stresses related to meal planning and gift buying can often become exacerbated by caregiver duties. Frustration with handling all the day-to-day responsibilities can potentially overshadow the meaningfulness of the upcoming celebrations. Caregivers need help, which can often come from family or friends or in the form of respite care at an independent living, personal care, or skilled nursing facility.

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Benefits of Indoor Gardening for Seniors

As the cool weather sets in, we tend to spend less time outdoors. It’s important to find things to do that do not involve sitting in front of the television. There are many things you or your senior can do during the cold months. For example, you can knit blankets or caps for newborns at the local hospital. You might learn a new card game with your friends. Maybe fall and winter is a good time to try water aerobics or catch up on some reading. 

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Celebrate the Holidays with Food & Treats High On Nutrition

The holidays are upon us, and soon kitchens across the country will be busy cooking up festive foods that pack a heady mix of nostalgia and tradition. Families will indulge in aromatic treats that delight not just the palate, but also other senses. Social media will be abuzz with pictures of celebration food. If you or your senior has medical issues, like diabetes or obesity, this might be a good time to find some new, healthier favorites that will satisfy cravings for holiday treats. 

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