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Financial Considerations When Choosing a Retirement Facility

We have all made poor financial choices at some point in our lives. It could have been a wrong choice in cars, jobs, or investments. While you could recover quickly in your youth, as you age, it is harder to take risks, especially when it applies to your retirement years. Choosing the best retirement facility should not be played like a game of roulette. Recovering from a wrong decision in this season of life can be extremely difficult. There are a few financial considerations you should be aware of when choosing a retirement facility. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we can...

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Impress Your Millennial Grandchildren: A Guide to the Millennial Lingo

As the holidays fade into memory, do you sit back to reflect on all that time with family wondering what language your grandchildren were speaking? It is likely they swooped in chatting about Pinterest or followers on Instagram. Maybe they even debated the benefits of gluten-free diets over veganism. How many times did you have to lean over and ask someone to translate Millennial-speak? As a Baby Boomer, you know what it is like to be young and free to explore the world. You even had your own slang like, groovy or cool, and wore bell-bottoms when they were still...

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Benefit of Mindfulness for Seniors

Mindfulness is a term that has been tossed around for years. Drawing from various aspects of Buddhism, mindfulness is not a specific belief system. It is a particular way of viewing the world and of living. Many describe it as a practice of “being in the now,” and often meditation is used to assist that outlook. It has been suggested that practicing mindfulness meditation can reduce stress and create a sense of happiness. There are some additional benefits seniors can enjoy when they slow down and take time to be mindful. If you are looking for a new way to...

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Caregiver: Make 2018 a Year of Caring for Yourself as You Care for Your Senior

As a caregiver for your elderly family member, it is easy to become overwhelmed with your duties and consequently, fail to care for your own physical and emotional needs. You may think that you do not have the time to focus on yourself. You might feel a burden weighing heavily on your shoulders from the sheer volume of demands on your time and energy. Often, others that you meet and talk with are quick to see how your senior is doing, but when was the last time someone asked you how you were doing? To be the best possible caregiver...

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Dining at Burholme salad

Ring in the New Year with Healthier Eating

The New Year is a time of new beginnings and setting new goals to make it a better year. For many, eating healthier is high on their list of resolutions. There are many diets and eating plans available to help with a variety of health needs. Scientists are continually studying the effects of “superfoods” on our memories. What if there is a link between the foods we eat and a decreased rate of Alzheimer’s? No matter if you are making dietary changes because it is a new year or because your doctor has told you to, eating healthier can help...

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