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Celebrate Summer and Stay Healthy—Try this Delicious Dessert

Summer spells fun in different ways for different people, but everyone loves the season. It brings many opportunities to get outside and soak up the warm sunshine. The landscape is vibrant and beautiful. There are baseball games to watch or a pleasant game of croquet to win. There are outdoor music festivals and family cookouts with delectable food, including dessert. Summer is truly the best time to step outside your independent living apartment and have fun.

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5 Reasons to Move into a Retirement Community

When it is time to slow down and enjoy your proverbial "golden years,” why not choose to stay in a retirement community? You may not have realized it yet, but there are many advantages of moving into a senior living facility. Are you ready to make some new friends? Looking for company to stay socially engaged and physically active? Perhaps you want to get past the challenges and strain of house maintenance. Retirement living can be all this and more. 

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Hot Weather Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer brings with it gorgeous sunshine and many opportunities to engage in outdoor activities. Going for a walk, gardening, or taking your pup to the dog park are all great ways to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. As seniors, however, it’s important to be extra careful to minimize the harmful physical effects of heat and humidity. Before you head out the door this summer, remember to take these simple precautions that will help keep you safe.  

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Gardening 101: Easy Tips and Tricks for Seniors

With warmer weather upon us, now is the perfect time to partake in outdoor activities like gardening. For seniors, gardening is a wonderful activity that can have significant health benefits for the mind, body, and soul, while also allowing you to spend time outdoors soaking in the vitamin D and fresh air. However, as we age, it can become physically taxing on our bodies to plant our favorite herbs, vegetables, and flowers in the backyard. Therefore, it’s important to integrate a variety of methods that can make our favorite hobby just a little bit easier on our bodies. 

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