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How to Grocery Shop Online

Tips from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living As much as times change, they stay the same. Years ago, you could call your local grocer, tell him what you wanted, and soon a delivery person would be knocking on your door. Then local markets were overrun by big box stores and large chains boasting lower prices. All you have to do is drive to their location. It is interesting how the Internet allows a bit of the past to enter the 21st century. If you go online to your favorite store, you can purchase almost anything, including your weekly groceries....

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Incorporating Healthy Fats into Your Diet – Easy Tips 

PLUS, A Delicious Recipe from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living! You may have heard from your doctor or nutritionist that it is time to add some healthy fats into your diet to help your mind stay sharp. Poor nutrition can show up in your body as brittle or dry hair or nails, unexplained fatigue or mood changes, and unexplained weight loss. While eating may have lost its luster, it is critical to eat as healthy as possible, including increasing your intake of the ‘good’ fats.   Choosing the right foods to fulfill your needs does not have to be...

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Moving Made Easy

Suggestions from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living You have finally done it. After much soul-searching and many family conferences, you are moving from the family home to a senior living community. Now the real work begins. There are decades of photos and memorabilia to wade through. There are dishes, knick-knacks, furniture and garden tools to sort through as you downsize. Beyond the physical work of sorting, packing, and moving, the emotional turmoil can cause delays and second-guessing. Are you making the right decision? Do you genuinely want to leave it all behind? Moving across the country, state or even...

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Oral Health and How It Affects You 

Suggestions from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living Good oral hygiene does more than protect your teeth so you can keep eating the foods you love as you age. It also helps keep you healthy.  If you want to not only be able to eat that crisp apple but also to walk the hiking trail, then managing your teeth and gums may aid in both. Studies have found there may be ties between poor oral health and health problems. If you or your loved one needs help with grooming and personal care, Wesley Enhanced Living personal care services can help...

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How to Go Paperless

Tips from the team at Wesley Enhanced Living You have embraced a lot of new things over the years; personal computers, cable television, the internet, even smartphones. And yet, you still probably have tons of paper coming into your home. From catalogs to bills, if you are not careful, the piles of paper can quickly take over your home creating a stressful and cluttered environment. It could even become a safety hazard if a pile of mail falls to the floor and you slip on it, or hurt yourself bending down to pick it up. Why not choose a different...

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