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Aging Veteran’s Guide to Planning for the Future

As a veteran, you have spent years defending America in both peacetime and war. You lived day-to-day, dedicating your life to your country. As you age, it is vital to consider your next steps and to plan for the future. From health to housing benefits, the Veteran’s Administration has helped with your immediate needs. What about retirement?

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How to Deal with Seniors Who Don’t Want Help

Tips for Caregivers and Family Members from Wesley Enhanced Living 

As a parent begins to age, and the parent-child roles seem to reverse, we often find that mom or dad is reluctant to make changes to their lifestyle. So, how do you deal with a parent who won’t accept their age-related limitations? You have their best interests at heart, but how do you get them to see your point of view and genuine concern for their well-being?

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Happy American Heart Month! Control Your Blood Pressure for a Healthy Heart

Helpful Tips and a Recipe from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living

February is American Heart Month. As we celebrate throughout the month, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that managing one’s health is vital to preventing heart disease. Maintaining your weight and exercise go a long way to living your life to its fullest as you enjoy new adventures. It is never too late to make your overall health and wellness a priority.

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5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with the Seniors in Your Life

Make Your Elderly Parents Feel Super Special this Year! 

Valentine’s Day is often associated with couples falling in love. Millions of dollars are spent every year on flowers, cards, chocolates and expensive gifts. Truth is, the day isn’t just for couples to celebrate. Everyone can enjoy a little extra love, especially in the middle of a dreary winter. Seniors, in particular, look forward to a bit of pick-me-up excitement. Make Mom and Dad’s day when you plan special activities with them in mind. Reap the benefits of spending time together and building some fun memories. 

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Turning the Calendar on a New Decade – The History of Our Current Calendar

Fun Facts from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living

The start of a new year is exciting. It is like have a clean slate to begin new habits, build new relationships, and have new adventures. Often we may sit back and reminisce about years gone by. The people we knew. The lessons learned. Often, they are fun memories like when a beloved elderly aunt tried on roller skates for the first time. Or that fall when grandpa took the whole family for a wagon ride around his farm.  Sometimes we wish we could turn back the calendar to relive those fun times. 

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