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Spring Home Décor Ideas to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

Helpful Tips from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living Spring is a beautiful time of year. Many of us love the winter holiday season, but once the last of the decorations are put back in storage, the long, gray, cold days of winter ensue. With each day ticking away, it can feel like warmer temperatures and sunlight will never return. (more…)

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Superfoods for Seniors to Enjoy this Spring

Each season brings different eating choices. Winter menus usually consist of hearty stews and soups to warm you up. As the season transitions into spring, new flavors are waiting to tickle your taste buds. A weekly visit to the grocery store or farmer’s market reveals the refreshing foods to break up winter’s monotony. Some spring veggies to look for include asparagus, new potatoes, and salad greens. Fruits such as cherries and apricots will make their debut as well. (more…)

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Nurturing the Spirit to Enjoy Retirement

Valuable Wellness Tips from the team at Wesley Enhanced Living One unique joy of retirement is not getting up to a morning alarm. You are free to sleep in, sip your coffee slowly, and even stay in your jammies all day long. At some point, though, you might find that boredom has crept in. Your mind may start to wander a little and memories grow fuzzy. Some retirees grow sentimental as they age. Many desire to explore the spiritual side of life. They may go back to church or take up meditation. Focusing on your spirit is a great way...

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Regular Exercise Helps to Reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms

Tips from Our Caregivers at Wesley Enhanced Living Tremors, shaking, slower movements may be part of everyday life for those living with Parkinson’s Disease. However, while these symptoms may have you believe that you cannot exercise, ride a bike, or go for a walk, the opposite is true. If you are suffering from Parkinson’s, you may be able to reap tremendous benefits by exercising regularly and even getting back on a bike. Parkinson’s is Challenging but Exercise Can Make it Easier Living with Parkinson’s is a struggle as you slowly lose mobility. If your loved one lives in a skilled...

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Living with Diabetes? Make Sure You Are Eating Right

If you are living with diabetes, you know that what you eat is paramount to controlling the disease. You can control portion size, eat the right foods, and stick to regular mealtimes to keep your blood sugar levels in tune. Another way to manage your diabetes is by avoiding certain foods that can make your sugar spike. Taking care of yourself is not hard but how do you keep your grocery shopping in line with your body’s requirements? If you live in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), you have access to adequately crafted meals to meet your body’s needs....

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