Downsizing into a senior home can be an emotional and challenging journey, but it can also open up new opportunities for a more comfortable, secure, and enjoyable life in your golden years. Knowing what to bring — and more importantly — what to leave behind, can be very difficult. To help cut the clutter, see our list of five types of belongings you shouldn’t bring when downsizing.

Trinkets, Collectibles, and Similar Items

You’ll need as much space as possible in your new place to store the essentials of living. It’s a good idea to leave behind simple trinkets and knick-knacks that don’t serve much of a purpose outside of being a fun decoration.

However, some decorations may hold sentimental value and years of memories, so it can be difficult to part with them. Not to mention, bringing personal items and decor can help your new place feel like home, so you should consider bringing some along, provided you have the space. If there is something that you are particularly fond of and don’t have enough space for, consider taking a photo of it to serve as a memory — this goes for anything you feel special about that you don’t plan to take with you.

Unworn Clothing

Are there any outfits or accessories that you barely wear that do nothing but collect dust in your closet? To ensure that there’s enough room in your new closet for the clothing you do care about, downsizing is a good time to get rid of anything that you don’t wear often or at all. Rather than throw away a perfectly good shirt or accessory, consider giving it to a friend or family member or donating it to those in need. Also, when choosing the clothes that you do take with you, focus on what you find most comfortable.

Duplicate Items

There’s no need to have more than one of the same item. Consider giving away any duplicates to someone you know or selling them. Afterward, the space they would have otherwise taken up can be reserved for more essential belongings.

Large Furniture

When you downsize into a senior living community, the large furniture you had in your home may not be the right fit. The same goes for your rugs. Plus, throw rugs can be a tripping hazard, so it’s best not to bring them along. Having access to the floor plans for your new room will ensure that you’ll know how much space is available for your furniture, allowing you to decide which ones are too big and which ones are just right.

Outdoor Furniture

No matter how much you love grilling, you may not need a grill with all of the dining options offered in your new community. Or perhaps there are communal grilling areas available. And consider the dimensions of the patio or deck you may have at your new place before lugging your heavy outdoor furniture with you. A more scaled down set might be more appropriate. You may even prefer to enjoy the fresh air in the beautiful, furnished outdoor spaces already set up around your community.

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