Times have changed but our appetite for movies hasn’t. Decades ago, we would take some change and head to the local cinema to catch the latest movie in town. As retirees, we have more time to enjoy entertaining films, documentaries, and concerts, and the best part is not having to go anywhere! You can save money and enjoy your favorite shows and movies by utilizing streaming services. 

As streaming becomes more mainstream, seniors can take advantage of this new trend to watch the latest shows, as well as oldies. Many independent living facilities even have movie night, so you can experience the familiar feel of a theater without having to head out to an expensive venue with messy floors and expensive snacks.

If you are ready to explore the new way of watching television shows and movies, here a some of the most popular options…

  1. Start with a Streaming Device: Watching shows and movies by streaming them means you need access to the internet. You have various options available to you – computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. You can even turn your regular television into a streaming device if you have an HTML port. Additional streaming devices include a Roku TV or Roku streaming stick and the Amazon Fire Stick.
  2. Pick a Streaming Service: The field is expansive, so you have many options to give yourself a customized experience. Here are some choices to get you started:
    • Hulu – Keep up with your favorite channels when you choose Hulu. You can watch CNN, ABC, Fox, and more. You can access this service through all types of devices, too.
    • Netflix – You can find original programming as well as many older shows and movies on this juggernaut that brought the video rental stores to their knees. Netflix started by mailing out DVDs then moved to streaming services and are now a household name in the industry.
    • Amazon Prime Video – Yes, you can not only order books for your reading device or listen to audiobooks, but you can also watch movies and TV shows through their service.
    • Peacock – This is a newcomer to the world of streaming. You can find many great movies for free on their site.
    • Paramount+ – Access hundreds of iconic movies, from award-winning classics to hit releases.
    • Disney+ – Entertain the child in you, especially when the grandkids come over. Disney movies remain a huge family favorite.
    • Sling TV – If you want a service that is similar to paid TV, try Sling TV. You can choose from two monthly packages or even stream for free. Enjoy your shows live with this option.
    • Network Apps – Have a preferred network? They probably have an app that you can download and enjoy viewing for free.

Enjoy Movie Night Again at Wesley Enhanced Living

Have movie night any day of the week from the comfort of your apartment. Embrace new ways of viewing your favorite flicks. The team at Wesley Enhanced Living loves movies as much as you do. We enjoy providing many opportunities to watch oldies as well as catch the newest movies and shows. We also help you stay healthy with our nutritious snacks for movie nights, and every day. You will love the choices you have, not only in TV shows but also our many senior living options, such as independent living, personal care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing. Give us a call today.

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