Growing older has its ups and downs. When you are feeling good, you may think you can conquer the world, just like in your younger years. You may even take risks that you shouldn’t be taking anymore. It’s true, you can stay young at heart and mind, but it’s important to recognize the body’s limitations as you age. Whether it’s during a celebration or a routine task like taking a shower, you must take care not to slip and fall. Not only will you preserve your independence by doing so, but you will also avoid the extra stress on your family and caregivers. 

The team at Wesley Enhanced Living is also here to help you. We strive daily to ensure that our residents live in safe, healthy environments. We offer a variety of ways to increase your strength and decrease the chances of a slip and fall accident. You can even implement your own changes to reduce the risk of falling by taking these proactive steps. 

2 Areas of Focus to Reduce Your Risk of Falling

There are many steps you can take to reduce your chances of falling. They fall into two main categories. Small changes can bring lasting results, so choose today to protect yourself from injury. Start here:

Your Person: It cannot be stressed enough. Your health is your biggest weapon against the effects of aging. Here are some key areas to focus on:

  • Nutrition: You can start by keeping up your strength by consuming nutritious meals that include loads of vegetables and fruits. Avoid skipping meals as it can cause weakness and dizziness.
  • Exercise: You are never too old to begin an exercise routine. Before you jump into a fitness activity with both feet, discuss your plans with your doctor. Then choose physical activities that build your strength and maintain your flexibility and balance. 
  • Medication: Talk to your physician about the prescription drugs you are taking. Ask about their side effects and if they may cause your balance to go off or make you sleepy or dizzy. Discuss the possibilities of adding vitamin supplements to strengthen your bones and overall immune system.
  • Safety Aids: As the body ages, you will need to rely on additional aids like canes, walkers, hearing aids, glasses, and appropriate footwear. Don’t be embarrassed. Your safety is much more important than your appearance, so be sure to use assistive devices and tools that help you move.

Your Home: Another area to spend some extra time on is your home. Many accidents happen in the house, so why not make it the safest place you can be? Start by redecorating:

  • Declutter: Not only do extra stacks of papers and knickknacks affect your mental health, but it can also harm your physical health. Now is a great time to remove items that you don’t need or want and free up space in your home. You’ll reduce your chances of injuring yourself by decluttering spaces.  
  • Rearrange: Step back and take a look at your rooms. Do you have an easy path to the door, kitchen, or phone? Would you trip over cords or throw rugs if you hurried to the front door or bathroom? Can you reach all your cooking utensils without the aid of a step-stool? The answer to these questions indicates the type of actions you need to take. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around – with help, of course – to open up space and make it much easier to maneuver.

Worry Less about Falling – Enjoy Life to the Fullest at Wesley

Life may have some ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean it has to be you landing on the ground! Instead, take control of your life, strengthen your body, and remove tripping and slipping hazards in your home. Remember that life spent with others is more fun by moving into a Wesley independent living, personal care, or rehabilitation, and skilled nursing community. We love our seniors, and they love living here. Find out for yourself when you contact us today! 

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