Tips for Caregivers and Family Members from Wesley Enhanced Living 

As a parent begins to age, and the parent-child roles seem to reverse, we often find that mom or dad is reluctant to make changes to their lifestyle. So, how do you deal with a parent who won’t accept their age-related limitations? You have their best interests at heart, but how do you get them to see your point of view and genuine concern for their well-being?

The team at Wesley Enhanced Living knows what you struggle with and are ready to help you, help your loved one. Our communities are geared toward helping seniors live life on their terms while providing them with nutritious meals, social events, and opportunities to stay active both physically and mentally. We take the “old” out of growing old so that our seniors never stop becoming all that they can be.

2 Common Reasons Seniors Refuse Help

Before we can give you tips on how to handle your stubborn dad or mom, let’s look at the key reasons why they may resist your attempts to arrange for assistance:

  1. Fear of Outsiders/Strangers: Some seniors are reluctant to allow a stranger to help them. They may feel especially vulnerable and prefer to have a family member care for them.
  2. Fear of Losing Independence: Many seniors realize they may need to scale back on activities like driving but refuse to accept it as fact. They may view this as losing their independence, which adds to the sense of vulnerability.

5 Tips to Handle Your Stubborn Senior and Minimize Resistance

The following tips can aid your discussion with your senior loved one about their needs and work toward a solution:

  1. Take a moment to determine what kind of help your mom needs. Does she need assisted living? Or is she just lonely and could benefit from moving into an independent living community? You may find that she needs a different type of help than you initially thought.
  2. Find time to have a conversation when everyone is relaxed. It will be much easier to have a chat when the mood is stress-free, relaxed and easy. It makes each party more willing to speak openly and listen.
  3. Ask Dad what he wants to do. You may not be able to grant him all that he desires to do, but you should show respect by inquiring about what he wants. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with your loved one and work as a team to ensure things move along smoothly.
  4. Get other family members to help. Look to siblings or other relatives for help in persuading your mom to make any needed changes in her life, including moving to a CCRC.
  5. Pick your battles. Not every decision can be made with one conversation, especially if tempers flare. Choose to discuss things when the time is right and in a positive light. You will win a few battles that way. Keep in mind that the battles you want to pick are only the ones where your aging parent’s safety and wellness are at risk. It’s neither necessary nor will it be welcomed if you try to take full control of your senior’s lifestyle. 

Ease Your Parent’s Fears – Wesley Enhanced Living Communities Can Help 

Treat Mom and Dad to the best in high-quality senior caregiving when you bring them to visit one of our retirement communities. Help them break the perception that retiring means sitting on your porch, letting life pass you by. Our seniors are continually growing personally and taking on new adventures. Let your parents come and see why our seniors love calling Wesley Enhanced Living, their new, forever home.

Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior retirement communities for you or your loved ones.  Contact one of our Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors love where they live. Our staff is happy to discuss your elder’s needs or your own, give you a tour and inform you of our range of services.