Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Benefits in Philadelphia, PA

Have you or your loved one considered moving to a community that provides continuing care for seniors? Then Wesley Enhanced Living’s Continuing Care Retirement Communities may be the right option. A CCRC for seniors offers independent living, personal care, and skilled nursing and rehabilitation, all at a single location.

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There is a wide range of CCRC benefits for Philadelphia, PA, residents, and those in the surrounding counties. Individuals interested in learning more about our locations can contact us directly; we offer some of the best CCRC facilities in the Philadelphia area, close to the following areas:

  • Delaware County
  • Montgomery County
  • Bucks County
  • Philadelphia County
Maintenance-Free Living for Seniors Near Philadelphia, PA

Maintenance-Free Living for Seniors Near Philadelphia, PA

Our residents never have to worry about the physical and financial toll of home repair, house cleaning, snow removal, yard maintenance, or replacing appliances. With maintenance-free living for seniors, all internal and external repair and maintenance are included in one convenient monthly fee.

According to an article on, the average cost to maintain and repair an American home is $1,126, or $13,512 annually. Moving to a CCRC helps you avoid home maintenance expenses and is one of the many benefits of a continuing care retirement community.

Our CCRC Offers Security & Peace of Mind

Our CCRC Offers Security & Peace of Mind

Our communities are staffed 24/7, so you never have to worry about lacking assistance. The staff in our CCRCs are prepared and ready to assist if an urgent situation occurs, with easy access to 24/7 response call systems. Plus, at our low-maintenance communities for seniors, response systems are included in your monthly fee, so you can easily and immediately communicate with onsite staff.

Stay Socially Connected at Wesley Enhanced Living

Stay Socially Connected at Wesley Enhanced Living

Life in one of WEL’s CCRCs provides countless opportunities to cultivate friendships and close social connections. A recent study conducted by Age Wave, “Five Myths & Realities of CCRCs,” reported that life plan communities, or CCRCs, offer opportunities to build new relationships and social connections with like-minded people, making it one of the most important CCRC benefits our Philadelphia, PA, area communities provide.

Lower Cost of Living in Communities for Seniors

Lower Cost of Living in Communities for Seniors

When matched against the monthly expenses of maintaining your home and lifestyle, a lower cost of living in communities for seniors often exists. Additionally, there are other benefits of continuous care retirement communities, including:

  • The peace of mind that comes from having daily chef-prepared meals, services, and amenities right outside your door or a phone call away in life-plan communities.
  • Vigilant daily attention to advanced cleaning and safety protocols to keep you protected where you live is one of our many CCRC benefits in Philadelphia, PA.
  • The security of knowing that, if ever needed, assistance is available onsite 24/7.
  • Unlimited opportunities to stay socially connected with your relatives, develop new friendships, enjoy hobbies and pursuits, and explore new interests.

CCRC Life Enrichment Opportunities

CCRC Life Enrichment Opportunities

Another one of the many benefits of a continuing care retirement community is that it will provide you with more free time. The best CCRCs for seniors are maintenance-free, so you can enjoy time with friends and family and pursue the many social and recreational opportunities available inside and outside of the community. So, if you’ve always wanted to write a book, paint a masterpiece, research your family tree, or follow other pursuits, CCRC life enrichment at WEL will offer you the time to do so!

Exclusive CCRC Benefits in Philadelphia, PA, and the Greater Region

Wesley Enhanced Living operates CCRCs in and near Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Delaware counties. To learn more about CCRC benefits in Philadelphia, PA, and life at one of our low-maintenance communities for seniors, reach out to us today!

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