Technology is making it easier for seniors to stay active and keep in touch with their loved ones. New advancements in technology are also helping seniors to remain safe. From self-driving cars that will allow older adults to maintain their independence, to shoes that will improve balance and deter falls, shirts that administer CPR, and smart homes with voice control, many products are being designed to enhance their lives. Contrary to popular belief, not all elderly individuals are wary of technology. In fact, statistics from the Pew Research Center show that today around 58% of those over the age of 65 years today use the Internet when compared to just 15% in 2000. The tech-savvy staff at our independent living communities has shared a list of 10 in-demand tech tools that can help improve your quality of life and make you the coolest senior. 10 Must-Have Tech Tools for Seniors
  1. Cellphone: This has become an essential device not just for communication but keeping seniors safe as well. Many cell phone companies now offer models with extra-large keypads, easy-to-read text fonts, and an amplified loudspeaker to make it easier for older adults to use them.
  2. Healthcare wearables: From the popular fitness monitor which encourages seniors to be more active, to a sleek watch that doubles up as a safety pendant, and wristbands that monitor sleep, location and daily activities, wearables have a new market—the 65+ age group. These products aim to help seniors lead a more fulfilled life while providing peace of mind for their caregivers and family members.
  3. Tablets for Seniors: Like cell phones and wearables that cater specifically to older users, tablets are loaded with senior-friendly apps and support services to attract baby boomers.
  4. Smart Watches: Gone are the timepieces of the past. Stylish, smart watches not only tell time, but can be used as alarms, medication reminders, and fitness trackers.  Most can be paired with smartphones for optimal use.
  5. GPS products: Many caregivers and families are worried about seniors getting lost, being confused or not remembering where they are. Independent products or other tracking apps that are part of the smartphone help caregivers (and authorities) find a senior as soon as possible in the event this happens.
  6. Medication dispensers: Forgetting to take pills, under and over-dosing can cause serious health issues for seniors. Programmable medication dispensers have proven to improve compliance as they provide alerts to remind users to take their pills correctly as well as dispense correct dosage.
  7. Grocery services: With health and age-related mobility issues comes the challenge of doing groceries. However, delivery services can now bring the groceries directly to your home eliminating this problem.
  8. Exercise programs: Physical fitness is linked to senior health. Lack of transportation and extreme weather can make it challenging to go to the gym or get outside for a walk. You now have devices that provide a variety of fun fitness activities enabling a senior to stay active without leaving the house.
  9. E-readers: Failing eyesight and small print make it difficult for many seniors to indulge in one of their favorite pastimes—reading. Thanks to e-readers, seniors can set font sizes to comfortable levels and use a backlit display screen. They are also easier to carry around than books.
  10. Smart Assistants: This is a birthday or Christmas gift your senior will really appreciate. From answering questions to reading books and controlling the thermostat and light switches, a robot-like smart assistant can be hooked up to various systems to make your senior’s life easier.
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