With the change of seasons from summer to fall, foliage on trees transforms into hues of yellow, gold, and red. The temperature drops a little more each day, and soon, we see bright orange pumpkins with carved faces lighting up the evening. Indeed, fall is a wonderful time of year, and it’s important to take safety precautions to enjoy it safely! Whether you live at home or in a comfortable independent living community, you can take steps to prevent injuries and falls. 

5 Fall Prevention Strategies to Keep You Safe

A wet floor, a folded rug, a loose step, or even an ill-fitting bedroom slipper can make you trip, slip and turn your life upside down. What are some measures you can take to avoid accidents and falls? Our experienced caregivers at Wesley Enhanced Living have put together this quick checklist of five simple steps to reduce your risk of falling:

  1. Remain in Motion! It may seem counterintuitive to do something that can put you at risk of falling but moving and staying active helps you avoid falls in the long run. A proper exercise routine will improve your muscles, making you stronger. You will be more flexible in your joints, tendons, and ligaments, and light weight training can help slow or thwart bone loss.
  2. Make Your Eye & Hearing Appointments: To ensure that you are seeing and hearing correctly, stay on top of your vision care and audiology appointments. Old prescriptions and tint-changing glasses affect your sight, which can lead to misjudging steps, and then you take a tumble! Poor hearing can be a distraction that may cause you to fall as well. 
  3. Pay Attention to Medication’s Side Effects: Some prescriptions can make you drowsy or dizzy. If you experience these side effects, have a chat with your doctor to see if there are other alternatives. It may help you prevent potential falls brought on by sudden dizziness.
  4. Make Sure You Get Plenty of Sleep: Like a drug that makes you drowsy, failing to get enough sleep can play a part in your balance. To ensure you get the restful shuteye you need, turn your bedroom into a peaceful area with room darkening curtains and cooler temperatures. Establish a bedtime routine that may include turning off the tv, limiting electronic devices, and taking a warm bath while listening to relaxing music.
  5. Wear Sensible Shoes: Walking in socks across a tile or wood floor may result in slipping. Slippers that are too loose can come off as you walk and cause you to trip. Make sure your footwear fits snugly and gives your feet good support. When you go outside, choose comfortable, non-skid, rubber-soled shoes that lace up securely. Your feet will thank you for the safety and comfort!

Gain Better Health & Balance with Help from Wesley Enhanced Living

Moving to a Wesley Enhanced Living community gives you the resources to ensure you make great strides in your physical, emotional, and social health. Our team is dedicated to your wellbeing, and we can recommend more ways to help you stay safe and avoid injuries from falls. We provide many opportunities to enjoy life through our different living options, such as independent living, personal care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing. You choose where you live depending on your needs. Give us a call today to learn more.

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