May was proclaimed Older Americans Month by President Gerald Ford in 1976. Over the decades, ways to celebrate this have evolved, but one theme remains – leaving a legacy for future generations to follow. A legacy should mean more than just contributing a large sum of money to your family or an institution. It’s about being remembered for your actions and the type of person you are. 

Here are a few suggestions to help you celebrate being an Older American:

  1. Find an Inter-generational Pen Pal: You have much to share about life, both the good and the bad, that can guide the younger generation. You have built up a resilience to what life throws at you. Why not share that with the younger generations? Consider how you can help the teenager who is trying to figure out the twists and turns of life, especially in light of a pandemic. Maybe you can share stories of your youth with kids in school via email. Hearing from someone who has dealt with significant struggles can give them hope that things will return to normal. It will encourage them to be patient and stay strong.
  2. Develop a Mentoring Relationship: Another way to share your insights and encourage others is by mentoring. For example, do you have experience building and running a business? Why not guide a younger individual embarking on entrepreneurship? Many Millennials and Gen Xers can benefit from your wisdom. Maybe you stayed home and raised your family. You have the experience other parents need to guide them during this stressful season of their lives. 
  3. Volunteer: Just as pen pals and mentorship can help individuals, volunteering can help your community at large. Think about your interests and how you can continue to pursue them while being useful to others in your community. You might serve at a local homeless shelter by knitting blankets, mittens, or hats or creating a reading hour for the children staying there. Maybe you can organize a group to adopt a highway and conduct litter clean-up. Are you a talented musician? Perhaps your local hospital may welcome you to play the piano in their lobby? There are many ways to keep yourself active and engaged while staying in touch with your local community. 

May is a Time to Celebrate Being an Older American

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