For years, people have headed into the New Year with the determination to make changes in their lives. These resolutions often included focusing on their health, wealth, and relationships. Many show up to the gym on January 1st, ready to jump head-long into their new exercise regimen, only to stop by January 15th. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to make positive changes in your life, without some tactical steps, you may find yourself falling behind before the end of the month. Let 2021 be different – more determined, more successful!   

Stay true to your New Year’s resolutions, no matter your age, when you take deliberate steps. Between eating healthier and getting more exercise, you need support. The team at Wesley Enhanced Living aims to aid you in your success. We work diligently to develop menus and exercise classes to assist you in attaining your goals. 

Succeed in Your New Year’s Resolutions with these 5 Suggestions

Don’t let age stop you from making significant, positive changes to your life. Use these five steps to get started:

  1. Decide on a specific goal: It is one thing to say, “I want to lose weight,” versus “I want to lose 10 pounds by May 1st.” One option is nebulous. The other one gives a specific measurement and sets a deadline, making it concrete. By creating a specific goal, you can identify the needed steps to reach it. 
  2. Limit the number of goals: You can quickly muddy the waters, lose steam, and get overwhelmed if you attempt too many resolutions at once. Limit yourself to one focus, then pour your energy on it and see your success rate increase, especially if you need to establish new behavioral patterns.
  3. Make planning a priority: Last-minute goals created on a whim won’t last long. Take a little bit of time to brainstorm all the changes you’d like to make in your life, then choose one and break down the steps needed to accomplish your resolution. This step includes handling obstacles and giving yourself rewards. It can help to write down the steps and stick them to your refrigerator so that you see them each day.
  4. Start small: To find greater success, start with small steps that build into your larger goal. For example, let’s say you want to eliminate gluten from your diet. Instead of cutting out bread all of a sudden, reduce the number of days you consume bread each week, and then tackle other foods that contain gluten. Remember that you can move a mountain one shovelful of dirt at a time.
  5. Ask for Support: Your best chance for success includes finding other like-minded folks to support you. Look for those willing to help motivate you and keep you accountable. You can find many at Wesley, including the staff, who can join you on the journey to a better you.

Check Off One Resolution – Move to Wesley Enhanced Living! 

Wesley Enhanced Living offers you many opportunities to make significant changes in your life. We offer a choice of options to meet your needs, such as independent living, personal care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing. From nutritious meals to opportunities for social interaction, our staff truly cares about our residents and strives each day to enhance your living. Contact us and see how we can help you succeed with your resolutions.  

Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior retirement communities for you or your loved ones.  Contact one of our Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors love where they live. Our staff is happy to discuss your elder’s needs or your own and inform you of our range of services. Virtual tours are now available. Call us today for more information.