Each year, we are reminded in May, which has been designated as Mental Health Awareness month, to focus on improving our mental health as a community. While it is true that COVID-19 has adversely affected the emotional state of many Americans, there are many steps you can take to preserve a healthy state of mind and enhance your quality of life. Moving to a continuing care retirement community is the first step in ensuring that you or the senior in your life has the support they need. When you surround yourself with the right people, you know that you are in the right place to keep well, stay active, and be resilient, despite outside factors. 

Useful Tips to Stay Healthy in Mind and Body

Choose to take charge of your mental health this May by enhancing your mind-body balance with these five suggestions: 

  1. Sharpen Your Gray Cells: You know your body needs movement to help your bones and muscles stay strong, but did you know that your brain also needs exercise? By choosing games and activities that stimulate your mind, you sharpen your thinking skills, like planning, reaction time, decision-making, and short-term memory. Some things that you can do to keep your mind active include reading and journaling, learning a new language, discovering how to play an instrument, playing board games, or putting together a jigsaw puzzle. 
  2. Increase Your Physical Activity: It is never too late to get physically active. Physical activity can help you manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Choose low-impact exercises to build your strength and reduce problems from bone fractures, joint pain, and chronic illnesses. Stretching and strength training are also good, but even simple activities like gardening or a daily walk in the park will deliver visible benefits to your physical and mental health. There’s nothing better than sunshine and fresh air to lift the mood! 
  3. Eat Healthier: Choose wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. Look for recipes that add herbs and spices for flavor instead of salt. Almost any of your favorite recipes can be made healthier with natural substitutes that deliver the same great taste without the unnecessary sugars and fats. Think avocado instead of butter, coconut powder instead of sugar, apple sauce instead of caramel, and so on.
  4. Remain Connected: Technology has made it much easier to stay in touch with friends and family. When you cannot get together in person, why not utilize social media, Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom? In fact, why not engage in some old-fashioned letter writing? This can be a fun way to connect with your grandchildren and help them build fond memories of their grandparents.
  5. Pick Up a Hobby: Another way to stay active is to pick up a hobby you never had time for before. For example, you can try your hand at bonsai tree care, upcycle yard sale finds into something chic, paint landscapes, photograph flowers or people, or take up French cooking.

Make New Friends and Live Life on Your Terms at Wesley Enhanced Living

Enhancing your quality of life has never been so easy. Move to a Wesley Enhanced Living community and enjoy more than our nutritious meals. You will make new friends and join in on new adventures. We make it easier by offering many living options, like independent living, personal care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing. We believe in taking care of our residents like family. Why not find out more? You owe it to yourself and your health to contact us today. 

Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior retirement communities for you or your loved ones.  Contact one of our Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors love where they live. Our staff is happy to discuss your elder’s needs or your own and inform you of our range of services. Virtual tours are now available. Call us today for more information.