Helpful Tips from the Team at Wesley Enhanced Living

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Many of us love the winter holiday season, but once the last of the decorations are put back in storage, the long, gray, cold days of winter ensue. With each day ticking away, it can feel like warmer temperatures and sunlight will never return. Spring is a great time to shake off winter’s hold and embrace warmer, sunnier days. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we understand the effects of a long winter. Our continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) encourage residents to embrace ways to release the gloom of cold, grey days and lighten their moods. 

6 Suggestions to Enhance Your Home This Spring 

Kick the winter blues to the curb with these suggestions to spruce up your home:
  1. Add throw pillows: An easy way to add color and comfort is by placing throw pillows on your couch, favorite chair, or bed. There are a variety of shades and patterns to instantly brighten your living space and add charm. 
  2. Pull out the spring bedding: Now is the perfect time to pull off your heavy winter quilt and replace it with lighter bedding. Not only will it be more refreshing for the hot summer months, but a brighter color palette will lighten your mood. You can even match some of those new throw pillows with your bedding. 
  3. Grab a bunch of seasonal flowers: Nothing says spring like fresh flowers! Spring blooms are a quick and inexpensive way to liven up any room and mood. Grab your great-grandmother’s vase and arrange a lovely bouquet of tulips and daffodils for your table. 
  4. Light candles: Remember to bring alive as many of your senses as possible when you redecorate your home this season. One easy way to tickle your sense of smell is through candles. Light a fragrant floral candle and bring the refreshing whiff of spring inside. 
  5. Put up a spring wreath: Many people like to put up a wreath during the holidays. With the holiday festivities over, why not replace your ring of holly with a new spring wreath that you made yourself? You can pull supplies from an extinguishing stash or head to your local craft store for floral wire, craft tape, seasonal decorative items, plain preformed wreath, twigs and plastic flowers. Use your imagination; the possibilities are endless!
  6. Feed the birds: While everything is just coming alive during this time of year, birds need to eat. A fun craft that will be both beautiful and serve a valuable purpose is to make teacup bird feeders. You will need some twine, an old teacup and saucer, ceramic glue, birdseed, and an outdoor plant hook. Place the cup on its side and glue it to the saucer. Take the twine and tie it to the handle of the cup. Hang from the outdoor hook and fill with birdseed. Get your home ready to become the favorite hangout for our aviary friends.
Brighten Your Mood As You Move to a CCRC Spring is not only a great time to refresh your home. It is a time of new beginnings – like a move to a CCRC. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we work hard to organize activities that enhance the lives of our residents. Contact one of our Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors call Wesley Enhanced Living home for continuing care services. Our staff will be glad to discuss your needs, give your family a tour, and inform you of our comprehensive services. Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality care for your loved ones. Please visit our communities to learn more or click here to request additional information today.