One of America’s core values is that of being independent. We pride ourselves on our ability to drive anywhere we like, build a business, and define our own destinies. This is more noticeable as we grow older. As you age, your desire to remain independent wanes with your health and mobility changes. It is not long before you realize that you are dependent on others – to take you to the store or to doctor appointments or just for companionship. Instead of being independent like the Lone Ranger, you discover you are interdependent on others. You can enjoy interdependent living when you move to a maintenance-free senior living community at Wesley Enhanced Living. We have the activities and support you need to enjoy your retirement. Enjoy the Benefits of “Interdependent Living” Instead of Independent Living Retirement should not be a lonely time. There are clear benefits of moving to an independent living facility where community is essential for our residents.
  1. Make New Friends: If you take a moment to think about it, your life probably included a spouse, children, friends, and relationships. As you age, a loved one will pass, neighbors might move, and the kids are busy. You may find yourself alone. An independent living facility is a perfect place to make new friends instead of being alone.
  2. Transportation Help: You may be in a position that you can no longer take yourself to the grocery store or to appointments. Instead of relying on busy family or paying high taxi fees, a retirement community can get you where you need to go.
  3. Help When You Are Ill: When you become ill, your family may not be able to take time off from work to nurse you back to health. Our skilled staff at Wesley Enhanced Living communities can step in to help.
  4. Learn New Things: One way to keep the gray cells working well is to acquire new knowledge. When you live alone, you may not have the same opportunities to learn and increase your knowledge. At Wesley Enhancing Living, we promote a culture of sharing knowledge and skills across generations. You will find staff and volunteers ready and able to share their talents with our residents.
Living your life by your own choosing can include living interdependently in a Wesley Enhanced Living community. We have the staff, the facility, and the activities to let you live life on your terms and still have the benefits of making new friends, learning new things, and any necessary help. Our Sales Managers will be happy to chat with you and share more information about our independent living communities. You will discover why our seniors love it here. Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality independent living for you or your loved ones. Please call or visit our independent living communities to learn more or click here to request more information today.