As the holidays fade into memory, do you sit back to reflect on all that time with family wondering what language your grandchildren were speaking? It is likely they swooped in chatting about Pinterest or followers on Instagram. Maybe they even debated the benefits of gluten-free diets over veganism. How many times did you have to lean over and ask someone to translate Millennial-speak? As a Baby Boomer, you know what it is like to be young and free to explore the world. You even had your own slang like, groovy or cool, and wore bell-bottoms when they were still called that. Over the years, language changes, but you are still hip; so it is time to catch up on what the youngsters are saying.

Millennial-Speak Cheat Sheet

Impress your grandchildren at your next family gathering when you use some of the following Millennial lingo:
  1. Bae – A term that refers to a significant other. Think girlfriend or boyfriend. 
  2. Basic – Someone who lacks interesting characteristics. You may have used “square” in your day.
  3. Catfish – This refers to a person who is wooed or tricked by someone who pretends to be someone else. Catfishing occurs in the online world.
  4. Conversation Walling – When you carry on a conversation with someone, and they only give you a one-word response.
  5. Ghosted – This action occurs when someone you are dating seems to drop off the face of the earth without reason or a goodbye.
  6. JK – Short for just kidding.
  7. JOMO – An acronym for “joy of missing out” and shows you are okay not joining in on a new fad or trend.
  8. Let’s Bounce – If your grandchild uses “Let’s Bounce” they are saying it is time to leave.
  9. Lit – It does not mean drunk. Instead, it means something is popular, hot, or on fire.
  10. Spilling Tea – This term refers to gossip. You might have used the term “spilling the beans.”
  11. Obvi – Short for “obviously”.
  12. YOLO – Another acronym, this time for “you only live once.” Great to use when giving your grandkids advice about life.
  13. Phubbing – When your grandkids snub the family in favor of their smartphone, they are “phubbing” you.
  14. Thirsty – This term is used to describe someone who is desperate for attention.
  15. The Struggle is Real – This phrase is used when one is complaining about lame things.
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