Shop Early with Suggestions from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living!

You probably have one of “those” friends — the ones who absolutely love Christmas and often start the countdown on December 26th each year. Undoubtedly, they find cute little memes to post on social media of grown men dressed like elves screaming, “Only 12 more paydays until Christmas!” While some have been shopping the after-holiday sales in anticipation of the next gift-giving season, others among us need more help. Struggling to find gifts for loved ones can be frustrating, but what do you buy someone who says they do not need anything?

Choosing the right gift to make your senior smile is possible when you think outside the box. At our assisted and independent living facilities in Philadelphia, we love making the holiday season special for our residents and their guests. Our services include a variety of activities to keep your senior enjoying life and learning new hobbies, just the thing you might need when searching for a gift.

Without further ado, here are our favorite ideas for shopping for seniors this holiday season.

The Best Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Santa may have to deliver millions of packages around the world in a single night, but he has a list and elves to help. Since you do not have access to your own North Pole toy shop, let us give you a leg up on your shopping with this list of fun, personable, and healthy gifts for seniors:

Personalized Gifts for Seniors

Everyone loves receiving presents that speak to their interests and personality. Why not shout out loud how much someone means to you with a customized gift? Show your love and appreciation for the older adult in your life with these personalized gifts:

  • Photo Coasters: Glass, stone, or wood, customized photo coasters are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Create a set with pictures from a trip you took together, or select photos from some of the best moments in their life (such as when they became a grandparent for the first time!).
  • Customized Puzzles: Does the senior in your life like to put puzzles together? Give them a puzzle featuring a photo of their family, beloved pet, or favorite scenery.
  • Engraved Lazy Susan: A gift that will be sure to keep on giving is an engraved lazy Susan. You can have the person’s family name, wedding date, or special occasion engraved on it, and every time it adorns the holiday table, everyone will smile.

Health & Wellness Gifts

You can make life a little more enjoyable and comfortable for the older people in your life by gifting them one of these thoughtful gifts:

  • Ergonomically Correct Pens: Mom may love to pen letters or work crossword puzzles, but arthritis may prevent her from her favorite hobby. A Dr. Grip Pen is ergonomically designed to aid those who cannot grip a pen easily.
  • No-Tie Shoelaces: Dad can easily slip on his shoes with a Hickies lacing system. His arthritic hands and sore back will no longer get in the way of him strapping on his shoes.
  • Neck Massager: You don’t have to be a senior to know the pain of getting older. Give your loved one the gift of relief this holiday season with a neck massager.
  • Weighted Blanket: Scientifically proven to relieve stress and anxiety, weighted blankets are the perfect gift for family and friends with dementia, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

Food Gifts for Seniors

Would you consider the senior in your life a foodie? Do they love spending time in the kitchen or devouring new and interesting foods? Then consider giving them one of these food gifts for seniors this holiday:

  • Tea From Around the World: Your loved one doesn’t have to hop on a plane to get a taste of the world. Simply send them a tea set featuring teas from around the world, and they’ll be taken on a delectable journey.
  • Online Cooking Classes: More and more things are going digital every day, and now you give your elderly loved one the culinary experience of a lifetime within the comfort of their own home. Through an online cooking class, they can learn to make everything from pasta to pastries with the guidance of a professional chef.

Gifts for Nature Lovers

Help your Mom or Dad reconnect with nature within the comfort of their own home with these gift ideas:

  • Window Bird Feeder: A window bird feeder brings smiles to your senior’s face all year long as they watch the different birds come and go.
  • Digital Weather Station: Is your dad constantly talking about the weather and upcoming storms? He would love to have a digital weather station sitting on his kitchen counter or end table. This station displays the time, temperature, and upcoming forecast.

Brain-Teasing Gifts for Seniors

You can help your loved one keep their mind sharp with a book of brainteasers. One popular selection for the true-crime enthusiast is the Murder Most Puzzling book, which features 20 different puzzles.

For-the-Home Gifts

Make life easier at home for your senior loved one with one of these gift ideas:

  • Motion Sensor Light Switches: What better way to stay safe than by illuminating the hallway, bathroom, or kitchen? Mom can grab a midnight snack and not worry about tripping over a table in a dark room.
  • Armchair Caddy: Help your loved one keep things handy with a decorative armchair caddy that looks great with any decor.
  • Digital Photo Frame: Has your Mom or Dad moved into a new assisted living facility? Help them feel right at home by gifting them a digital picture frame that displays all their favorite moments.

Senior Fitness Gifts

Does your Mom or Dad love to stay active? If so, these fitness gifts for seniors will be sure to have them smiling:

  • Fitness Tracker: By giving them a fitness tracker, you enable them to track their workouts and even monitor their sleep, heart rate, calories, and more. It’s the ideal gift for any senior fitness enthusiast.
  • Chair Exercise Kit: Is your loved one looking for ways to stay fit but has limited mobility? A chair exercise kit could be exactly what they need to stay healthy.
  • Light Weights: If your Mom or Dad lives in a retirement community or assisted living facility, they likely have access to a gym, but sometimes they’d rather not leave their home. If this is the case, they’ll love having a few lightweight dumbbells to use in the privacy of their own space.

Give the Gift of Experiences

It is so easy to get caught up with day-to-day living that you forget Mom and Dad would love the occasional outing. Instead of buying a gift, why not create an experience that builds memories? Get the whole family involved with ideas like:

  • Breakfast (or lunch) out with a grandchild
  • A play or concert
  • A trip to the zoo
  • A long, lazy drive to the country with lunch
  • A family party — without gifts — where everyone shares memories

Make Your Senior Smile With the Perfect Gift 

Give the gift that makes life easier and more enjoyable for your beloved family member. The retirement communities at Wesley Enhanced Living encourage families to make the most of each holiday. Whether you or your senior are looking for independent living, personal care, or skilled nursing in Philadelphia, spend your next holidays among friends. 

Contact a specialist at one of our Philadelphia area locations to discuss your loved one’s needs or your own. We would be happy to give you a tour and share with you information about our services.