There comes a time when you may have to sit your parents down and have a discussion about moving out of their long time home and into a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). This can be a very emotional time as parents perceive a loss of control over their lives. Some may also grieve the changes that are occurring.  A CCRC, like Wesley Enhanced Living, is a great place for mom and dad to enjoy their golden years. We offer high-quality services and fantastic ways to stay engaged. Even with all the benefits of living at a CCRC, there is still a level of stress and anxiety that can occur. You can minimize this by taking a few timely steps.

Tips to Ease Your Parent’s Transition into a CCRC

Here are 5 tips that can assist you when moving your loved one to a continuing care retirement community:
  1. Involve Your Parents in the Decision-making: One way to alienate your father and make his move more challenging is not to engage him in the decision process. Don’t do that! Elderly parents may already feel like their life is spinning out of control. Help him maintain a sense of control with open, honest communication about the need for the move, and ask him to be involved. He is the one that has to live there, so it makes sense that he should have a strong say.
  2. Make the New Place Feel Like Home: Moving to a strange place can be nerve-wracking. If there is nothing there to make it feel homey, then your senior may perceive their CCRC as an unfamiliar, uncomfortable place instead of an exciting new chapter in their life. Bring along a favorite chair, family photos, or knickknacks that can make their new home feel like one.
  3. Ask Your Loved One What they Want the Most in their New Home: It may be easy to check off places as not being suitable according to your own standards. Yet, it is the preferences of your loved one that need to be accounted for. Maybe they prefer being only on the first floor. Talk with your senior and discover those items that are “deal breakers”.
  4. Actively Help Your Senior Find a New Place: It may take some time to find your parents a new home. Avoid leaving them alone and without support. Reassure them that you are there to help and give them your ongoing support.
  5. Stay Positive; Speak Positive: There will come times in the process of finding, packing, and moving when your beloved senior may be overcome with emotion. It is imperative to stay positive and convey an optimistic attitude concerning the move. Remind them of all the benefits they will experience when they move to a CCRC.
Moving is stressful, no matter what season of life you may be in. Leaving a long-held family home to live in a strange new place increases the overall anxiety of your parents. Our team at Wesley Enhanced Living is glad to discuss with you and your loved one the benefits of moving to one of our CCRCs. Check out any of our Philadelphia area locations and see why our seniors love living in our communities. Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior living for you or your loved ones. Please visit our senior living communities to learn more or click here to request more information today.