Best Affirmations for Aging Positively

Research indicates how important it is for people of all walks of life to have a positive outlook, especially the senior population. Aging comes with a fair share of loss that can take a toll on mental health. According to John Hopkins Medicine, studies have found that a positive attitude improves outcomes across a variety of health conditions including the risk of stroke and physical injuries. This doesn’t mean one should disregard all negativity; however, these findings encourage older adults to work on their mental health and positivity.

How to Change Thought Patterns

Reciting positive affirmations is an easy habit to incorporate into an aging person’s daily routine. These powerful, uplifting statements challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts. Overtime, positive words reprogram the conscious and subconscious mind. When seniors adopt an optimistic outlook, it improves self-image and creates a helpful narrative of what they can accomplish.

Affirmations For Seniors

The first step on the road to positivity is to choose an uplifting affirmation that resonates well. The affirmation may likely change as you go through life and milestones. Here are some examples of daily affirmations seniors can repeat out loud every day:

  • “My life is taking place here right now.”
  • “Every day I find happiness and comfort, even in the littlest things.”
  • “I release any negative thoughts that do not serve me.”
  • “I accept what I cannot change.”
  • “I believe in myself and take the necessary steps to fulfill my goals.”

The affirmation should empower the person reciting it to achieve a goal or overcome an internal roadblock.

How to Write an Affirmation

Sometimes, the most effective affirmations are tailored to the senior reciting it. The steps below will provide guidance in crafting a unique affirmation.

  1. Write down a negative thought, and then a positive thought that counteracts it.
  2. Make the affirmations simple enough to remember. Stick to a sentence or two.
  3. Write the affirmation in present tense, with “I” or “My.” For example, “I see my value.”
  4. Add positive adjectives such as “joyful” or “loving” to your affirmation to associate a feel-good emotion.

At first, saying the affirmation may feel silly. But, keep going!

Practicing Positivity at Wesley Enhanced Living

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