Do you think that yoga is just for the young? Maybe you toyed with it back in your younger years, but now all the aches and pains remind you that you are likely to get stuck in a Downward Dog pose if you try it now. Yoga is a great way to stay flexible and relax the mind, and it is not just for the younger generations. Senior citizens are discovering the benefits of practicing yoga to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. There is no reason to be shy. Many poses may seem intimidating but with regular practice and guidance, you will get there in no time. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we encourage residents in our continuing care retirement communities to embrace healthy living through proper diet and exercise, and yoga is a great way to help seniors continue to stay active with fewer aches and pains.

3 Reasons We Recommend Yoga for Seniors

Ready to know more about yoga? Here are three reasons why daily practice helps: an infographic depicting the benefits of yoga for seniors 1. Yoga is not just for the young: It is also useful for the young-at-heart. Yoga is a personalized activity; therefore, you only need to do what you can and not try to compete with the rest of the class for a gold medal in flexibility. If there is a pose that proves uncomfortable, there is no need to force yourself into it. 2. Yoga is for your holistic good: Yoga means union of mind, body, and soul. Here is how the age-old practice leaves you with a sense of well-being inside out:
  • Your mind: When practicing breathing and stretching, your mind calms down, and your central nervous system gets some much-needed downtime. It is a great way to build focus and clear out fuzzy thoughts. In due time, you may find your attention span lengthening.
  • Your body: Yoga improves your strength and flexibility. Some poses combined with proper breathing can open up your airways and help your lungs function better. Inflammation can ease up with regular, guided practice as well.
  • Your spirit: Many yoga practitioners experience a heightened sense of harmony and awareness. This is great for healing, dealing with stress, and attaining internal balance.
3. Yoga can be practiced anywhere: If you need a workout that you can practice just about anywhere, yoga is the answer. It can be practiced in the solitude of your bedroom or in a class environment with other students. Enjoy the benefits of yoga and find renewed vigor for life. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we encourage our residents to enjoy life to the fullest; starting with the benefits of living in one of our several CCRCs. Contact one of our Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors call Wesley Enhanced Living home for continuing care services. Our staff will be glad to discuss your needs, give your family a tour, and inform you of our comprehensive services. Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality CCRC for your loved ones. Please visit our communities to learn more or click here to request more information today.