Moving house is an emotional and stressful experience for most people, even if the new home is just down the street. Seniors who are moving to an independent living community might find the transition more challenging. They are not only leaving their home, but in most cases, can only take some of their belongings with them. As a result, the sorting, cleaning and packing can become a long and tiring task. If you or an elderly loved one are getting ready to move to a retirement residence, read our downsizing tips below. It will make it easier to sort out your belongings and transition easily into your new home. Downsizing Tips for Moving into an Independent Living Community 1. Visit the community a few times before you move. This will help you get familiar with your new home and the space that is available to you. Visualize your favorite belongings and where they will fit. Take photos or ask for a floor plan of the room or senior apartment to help with your planning. When you go back home, it will become easier to decide which items you can accommodate. 2. Make a list of important documents and papers to take along. This includes a will, power of attorney, medical records, military records, diplomas and degrees, birth certificates, passports, credit cards, bank information, etc. These can be taken in a file cabinet or placed in the safe-deposit box, but let close family members know where they are kept, just in case you are incapacitated. 3. Sort your possessions into three piles. Things to ‘keep’, ‘donate’ and those that will be discarded as ‘trash’. Ask family to help if you have a lot of items or need assistance moving things. 4. Start with the impersonal items. A good place to start is in your kitchen and pantry. Once you start to purge items, donating or discarding items of sentimental value from your living room and bedroom can get easier. These are the items we are usually more attached to, and find difficult to part with. 5. Be realistic about your needs and wants: Family pictures, your favorite rocking chair, etc. are good keepsakes to take along, but a whole set of knives (that you will not use) or a 100-piece dining set, are items that you should consider giving away before the move. Think of the near and dear ones who would love to have them. 6. Don’t discard or donate stuff right away. Simply store items out of sight for a week or two. You’ll be surprised to learn how many of those items you can live without! If there is something you really miss, take it out of the donation or trash pile and then give the rest away. 7. Have fun while you are sorting and de-cluttering: Invite family and friends over to help you. Share the chores, and some food and wine. Having company will ease the stress and get the job done faster. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we have helped hundreds of seniors make a smooth transition to ourindependent living community. In addition to comfortable accommodation, we offer plenty of opportunities to pursue your interests in the company of other residents. We make it easy and affordable for you to enjoy your golden years with us. Explore the wide range of senior lifestyle options at our retirement communities in and around Philadelphia. One of our Sales Managers will be happy to show you around and discuss our services. Wesley Enhanced Living is a comfortable independent living community for you or a loved one. Please visit us to know more or click here to request more information today.