How many jobs have you held? One? Two? Seven? It is not uncommon for people to move between positions. We all have hopes and dreams of the ideal career, and many pursue their dreams. Others might struggle to find the right direction and need a little extra hand. In both cases, there will come moments when it is time to leave one job for another. 

Knowing when it is time to take the leap can be a struggle. You want to grow as a person. You have talents to build upon and interests to pursue. Yet, you may be thankful for a steady paycheck and don’t feel like ‘rocking the boat’ by moving on. When you have that general dread on a daily basis, should you continue to ignore it?  

Assessing what is going on within yourself will aid you in determining your next steps. It would help if you wanted to get up and head to work. You want to feel like you make a contribution to the organization. It is possible to find the perfect place of employment for you once you know it is time for a career change.

4 Signs it is Time to Change Your Career 

Maybe you have always wanted to head into healthcare, and working with a dedicated team of professionals in a continuing care retirement community excites you. If you are wondering if now might be the right time to embark on a new, exciting career, consider these signs and get ready to take that leap:

  1. Your Body Gives Off Signs: It’s Sunday night, and you are preparing for the next day when an overwhelming sense of dread blankets you. You might even experience anxiety attacks, headaches, tense muscles, or migraines. These can all be ways your body chooses to tell you it is time to make a change.
  2. You Have Become Apathetic: Each day, you become more and more disconnected from why you entered this field or took this job. Maybe you have started underperforming, which is a contrast to your everyday performance level. Do you remember the last time you were excited and energized to come to work? If not, you may want to consider a new career.
  3. No Amount of Money Satisfies the Longing for Something More: Sometimes, it is easy to justify staying in a position for a while because the pay is good. However, when that longing to leave comes, no amount of money will make up for the emptiness you feel.
  4. Your Personal Life is Affected by Your Job: We shouldn’t take our work home. It can happen for short periods, but something needs to give when it occurs daily for several weeks or months. Your family and friends need the happier you back, and changing careers may be the answer.

Regain Zeal for Your Career at Wesley Enhanced Living

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