A mentor is a friend, co-worker, peer, or a college alumnus in your life that helps you thrive in your career. They can provide you with knowledge on what’s worked for them, insights, and experiences that you may not see. Additionally, a mentor offers guidance, feedback, and support to help you gain the skills and expertise they have.

If you’re looking for a good mentor, look for the following attributes:

  1. Relevant expertise or knowledge: Your mentor should have a relevant background in the landscape you’re interested in and what it takes to be successful. Ideally, they should have a wealth of experience to share, without being so far removed from your starting point that they cannot relate to your situation.
  2. Provides constructive feedback: Constructive criticism is a necessary part of the learning process. Your mentor should highlight areas that need improvement, and help you change your methodology where necessary.
  3. Invested in their own growth: Look for a mentorthat has a desire to continue learning and growing. They should stay up to date with industry trends, technology, and programs.
  4. Enthusiastic: Just as important as expertise is a mentor being willing and excited to share that expertise with you. The best mentors give advice because they genuinely want others to benefit from the wisdom they’ve learned throughout their careers.
  5. Respectful: Find a mentor that has regard for your feelings, abilities, and achievements. They should be courteous and deliver criticism without putting you down.

The right mentoring relationship can be a powerful tool for professional growth. Use this list of qualities to select the right person to be your mentor.

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