Media, PA (October 4, 2022) — The senior residents and staff at Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line caringly assembled over 60 care packages and hosted multiple fund raising events to benefit the children of the Ukraine.

Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line residents, from left, Carmela Gormley, Sadie Nocho, Jacquelin DeFilippo and Barbara Florio pack food donations in boxes for the community, to assist those with food insecurity.

Some of the senior residents and staff of Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line packaged donation boxes of food for local families needing assistance.

Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line’s Chaplain, Tom Lilly, who organized the food drive said, “People have a mindset that after a certain age you become helpless, and it is so important that people realize they can be helpful. When you have purpose, you have hope and joy. I like to have the residents focus on enhanced living, and not fall into the belief that after a certain age they can’t do things. It’s helpful for them to know they’re doing something that benefits somebody else and we’re happy to give back to our community.”