Each year the residents of our Upper Moreland Community raise funds to provide a $1000 scholarship to several dining staff employees to recognize the exceptional care and service they provide. The program, known as ServWel, requires the employee to write an essay about what the job of serving our residents means to them.
After hearing these employees present their essays, I was struck with the realization that the relationships they were describing with our residents represented an ideal culture, covenant, and commitment serving both the employee and the resident. To hear these employees (keep in mind we are talking about 18-19 year olds) describe how much they get from and give to their work and how much the residents appreciate, even enjoy, their interactions is not only uplifting, but inspiring. These individuals understand their purpose here as much more than a job with its rewards far beyond a paycheck.
They and those like them represent “Enhanced Living.”  They truly make a “compelling difference” in the lives of our residents and I believe it has made a compelling difference in their lives as well. I don’t believe it’s coincidence that each of the scholarship recipients is pursuing an education and career in healthcare.   This year, WEL matched each scholarship award with an additional $1000 to help them reach that goal.
We look forward to their return to us and the residents of Upper Moreland after the school year. To read their ServWel award essays, click here.