If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference with your talents and maybe even learn some new skills, consider volunteering at a retirement community. When you offer your services, you have the opportunity to not only enrich the lives of the residents but to enhance your own life and become an integral part of the community. You may have the opportunity to read to the visually impaired or bake for the residents. Many communities encourage pet therapy programs and you can bring along your love for animals to assist with this type of program. It is not only what you do that makes a difference, but the benefits you receive that are worth considering. Needless to say, if you volunteer at the retirement home where your mom or dad lives, they will enjoy their “proud parent” moments even in their golden years! 5 Benefits of Volunteering at a Senior Living Facility
  1. A Wealth of Knowledge at Your Fingertips: Imagine sitting down and chatting with a colonel from World War II or listening to stories about life before color television. Many seniors have life experiences you can never even imagine. Listening to their stories can provide you a new perspective on life.
  2. Bolster Your Resume: Need more experience on your resume? When you volunteer, you can learn new skills like organizing, coordinating, assisting with fundraising, daily activities, and special events. Additionally, when you make connections with the staff and family of residents, you strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. Improve the Life of Residents: Loneliness among the elderly is common. Sometimes, all they need is a friendly chat with someone who is willing to listen. When you lead a discussion group or engage a resident in a one on one conversation, you supply some much-needed support and encouragement. In other words, you make a difference in their lives.
  4. Support Families: Eldercare brings a lot of responsibilities. By providing your services, you can give families the peace of mind that mom and dad are being taken care of in ways their medical staff may not always have time to provide.
  5. Make New Friends: What a wonderful way to make new friends! Sitting down to have a meaningful conversation will reveal a lot of commonalities between you and a senior resident. You might be surprised at how much you do have in common with that 86-year-old grandma down the hall!
All Wesley Enhanced Living communities actively seek volunteers. We welcome diverse talents and skills from friends and neighbors to enrich our communities. Our volunteer opportunities may range from assisting with crafts to running our book club to helping with our music club. Feel free to visit one of our communities or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at a location near you. Contact us today to see how you can share your skills with our residents. Wesley Enhanced Living encourages visitors to contact us and join our team. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities at our Wesley Enhanced Living communities or learn about our senior living options.