There are many rewarding careers. However, one that stands out among the rest is the role of a direct care worker. No other field touches lives like we do in health care. When you consider how you want to contribute to the overall benefit of mankind, think about how you can blossom in a career as a direct care worker in a senior retirement community. Now is a great time to utilize your talents and skills in interpersonal relationships and communications to make the lives of senior citizens better.

Understand the Differences between a Certified Nursing Assistant, Personal Care Aide, and a Home Care Aide: 

As you consider a career helping seniors, you may see different terms used. Here is a breakdown of three common levels of direct care workers:

  • Home Care Aide – A Home Care Aide (HHA) typically provides 1:1 care in the comfort of someone’s home. At Wesley Enhanced Living, our HHAs provide one-on-one support to our senior residents in their Wesley Enhanced Living apartment or cottage. Your role is to assist residents with activities of daily living to help them maintain their independence while still receiving the additional support they require.   
  • Personal Care Aide – As a Personal Care Aide (PCA), your duties are focused on assisting multiple residents with activities of daily living. You may help our senior residents bathe, dress, and groom themselves. Besides aiding with personal hygiene type tasks, you may do laundry, light household chores, and assist at mealtime. A large part of a PCA’s job is to provide companionship. At Wesley Enhanced Living we provide med certification training to all of our PCAs so you can assist our residents with their medications. 
  • Certified Nursing Assistant – When more intensive care is necessary, a resident may need support in more of a skilled nursing setting where a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) would be able to help. This level of nursing professional provides medical assistance while also being responsible for setting up medical equipment, measuring vital signs, and observing changes in a client’s condition. Additionally, as a CNA, you may help our residents move in and out of their wheelchair, bed, or change positions in bed. CNAs require additional medical training to obtain their certification. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we have Certified Nursing Assistants working in Home Care, Personal Care, and Skilled Nursing settings. Where do you see yourself? 

Help Seniors While Growing Professionally at Wesley Enhanced Living

The time is now to begin your career with a company whose mission is to make a compelling difference in the lives of residents through providing excellence and innovation in aging services. Wesley Enhanced Living stands behind our mission and invites you to join us in our vision to shift the paradigm of aging services for future generations. Do you have high standards? So do we! We serve our residents with the highest standards and invite you to join us as we cultivate a Culture of Kindness, Compassion, and Respect. You will love working here from Day 1 as you learn, grow, and make an impact on our residents’ lives.

Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior retirement communities for the elderly.  We have cultivated an environment where you are able to build meaningful and lasting relationshipsand enjoy a sense of community where everyone is committed to making a difference. If you are ready to make a compelling difference in the lives of others, join our team and we will make a difference together. Apply today at!