As demand for senior living workers grows, so does the need for well-trained, educated, and compassionate individuals. Here are some tips to harness your energy in a meaningful way and keep making a difference at work:

  1. Give time to network: It’s best to avoid emailing or calling old contacts only when you need something. Stay on top of people’s birthdays, send them articles or posts that you think they would enjoy, and check in with them from time to time. Making lasting connections is a good skill to hone and maintain.
  2. Step into new responsibilities: In order to grow, you have to demonstrate the willingness to take on new and challenging tasks. Think of these new tasks as opportunities to prove to yourself that you can succeed. These are also opportunities to show your boss that you are a valuable team member.
  3. Ask for advice: Ask someone with more experience for career advancement advice. A mentor can provide you helpful pointers. If you do not already have a mentor, put some effort into establishing that relationship. Someone with more experience will be able to give constructive criticism.
  4. Define what success means to you: Take the time to outline what you value, what your career goals are, and what steps you’re taking to meet your goals. Success has different meanings for everyone. For some people, success is monetary, for others it’s earning a title. Be honest about what you want and block out societal norms.

Enjoy Career Growth at Wesley Enhanced Living

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