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Speaker’s Bureau

Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) professional staff members are available to provide information and/or expert commentary for members of the press. A short bio and topics of expertise for each are listed below. To arrange an interview, please contact Lisa Haino at 215-354-3188 or

Jeff Petty

President & Chief Executive Officer

Since joining Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) in 2003, Petty has grown the organization from annual revenues of $35 million to over $55 million. Under his leadership, the organization experienced new community acquisitions and demonstrated successful turnarounds, as well as completed $80 million in renovation projects for WEL’s senior living communities in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery counties.

Topics of expertise Include:

  • CCRC growth through affiliation
  • Sustainable health care and housing solutions for aging Americans
  • The case against aging in place
  • Long-term care challenges for an aging America
  • Current trends in senior living
  • The state of senior living and senior living capital markets
  • How increased life expectancy will shape the future of CCRCs

Ken Franiak

Chief Operating Officer

Franiak was appointed COO in April 2010 after serving as WEL’s CFO since April of 2005. As COO he leads all facets of operations and ensures execution of WEL’s vision among its 1,500 residents and 900 employees. Upon assuming responsibility as COO, Franiak played a key role in coordinating the initial analysis, design and implementation of strategies that resulted in the ultimate turnaround of WEL’s newest community, Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley (formerly Stapeley in Germantown). Franiak continues to focus on operational and quality initiatives to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care and services for all WEL residents.

Topics of expertise include:

  • Dining trends in senior living facilities
  • The trends driving consolidation or affiliations among CCRCs
  • The impact of informational technology on CCRCs—how it’s being used to leverage existing manpower and extend services
  • Resident-centered service models
  • Community re-positioning and modernization programs to bring facilities up to future residents’ expectations

Shelley Ballet

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales

Known for non-traditional marketing approaches that successfully generate visibility and revenue for the organizations she serves, Ballet introduced the enhanced living concept to Evangelical Services for the Aging in 2004–determined to implement a solid stream of branding initiatives to help transform the organization’s network of continuing care retirement communities into enhanced living communities.

Topics of expertise include:

  • Branding and repositioning in the senior living and health care sector
  • Sales leadership and development
  • Marketing challenges in the senior living sector
  • Types of financial assistance available for continuing care retirement communities
  • Questions to ask/factors to consider when selecting a continuing care retirement community
  • Questions to ask/factors to consider when selecting a personal care community

Jackie Wojciechowski RDN

Corporate Dietitian

A board-certified specialist in gerontological nutrition, Jackie Wojciechowski continually evaluates and modifies the menu selections at Wesley Enhanced Living to reflect current best practices in geriatric nutrition and the predilections of today’s seniors. Her careful attention to food choice for seniors has resulted in new vegetarian and vegan options, expanded use of fresh ingredients and steady movement toward a total approach to resident-centered dining.

Wojciechowski’s experience is recognized and sought out by individuals internal and external to WEL—she authors a nutrition column for a local newspaper, teaches Nutrition for Dementia Care to WEL staff, and presents seminars to seniors and their caregivers throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Topics of expertise include:

  • Special nutritional needs of older adults
  • Healthy eating for older adults
  • Healthy eating for caregivers
  • Easy meal ideas for seniors
  • Easy meal ideas for caregivers
  • Top food and nutrition trends for seniors
  • What’s next in senior nutrition
  • Super foods for older adults

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