Professional Memory Care Services

Many families struggle when a loved one experiences signs of memory loss. When that occurs, it may be time to consider exploring a specialized memory care community. Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley provides secure dementia care services with specialized senior care programs for memory loss.

Are dementia and memory care services right for your loved one? Here are some signs that may signal the need for a physician’s evaluation:

  1. Signs of recent memory loss, like asking the same questions and repeating stories
  2. Inability to complete routine tasks; difficulty performing familiar tasks like writing checks, making purchases, or preparing a meal
  3. Problem with language, and continually forgetting simple words or using the wrong words
  4. Time and place disorientation, like getting lost in easy-to-navigate or once-familiar surroundings and forgetting how to get back home
  5. Poor judgment, making poor decisions regarding the use of money; decline in grooming and cleanliness
  6. Problems with abstract thinking, and issues completing once-simple tasks such as paying bills, balancing a checkbook, or using numbers
  7. Misplacing items and/or repeatedly putting things in the wrong places (ex: iron in the freezer, wristwatch in sugar bowl)
  8. Abrupt mood or personality changes, rapid mood swings, and/or sudden angry outbursts
  9. Intense, unfounded fearfulness or suspicion of once-trusted friends, professionals, or family members
  10. Loss of initiative and/or loss of interest in typical activities, going out, or seeing others
  11. Bizarre or inappropriate behavior. (Ex: wearing a heavy coat in hot weather or going outside without shoes in winter)
  12. Issues with incontinence and bathroom hygiene

Please consult your physician if you suspect your loved one is coping with a dementia disorder. We are here for you to explore admission and diagnosis qualifications for our memory care services.

At Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley in Philadelphia, our highly skilled memory care team provides specialized care in a comfortable, safe, home-like setting.

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