Growing old can sometimes be intimidating and create anxiety in individuals. Realizing that you can do fewer things than you could 10 years ago is disconcerting. Add the lack of routines that once guided you when you participated in the workforce, and it is easy to understand that some seniors become insecure with aging. Your quality of life as a senior can improve greatly by moving into a retirement community. Your golden years should be a time of enjoyment, not one of irregularity and uncertainty. Wesley Enhanced Living has caring and experienced staff that understands the importance of keeping to a daily routine and helps you maintain it so that you feel comfortable and stress-free. Benefits of Structured Daily Routines at Your Retirement Community
  1. Better Sleep Patterns: As you age, your ability to sleep well is reduced. Many seniors struggle with trying to sleep, but following a set of structured routines would help alleviate this. It is healthier for you if you can get regular sleep.
  2. Proper Hygiene and Overall Good Health: Developing a regular routine for personal hygiene and exercise helps you feel better about yourself. Medications are taken regularly, ensuring you do not miss dosages and jeopardize your health.
  3. Feeling Safe: Do you feel as though life is out of control since you retired? Or maybe you have lost your sense of stability and that makes you anxious. When you set up daily routines like those offered in a senior living community, you will feel more in control. That feeling of control over your day and night only adds to your confidence. Additionally, routines are very beneficial for patients suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. The Sense of Dignity: Knowing your needs are being met through a predictable routine is one step to giving you back a sense of self-respect. Our caring staff understands your need for dignity and self-respect. They help establish your daily routine to enhance that need.
  5. Ensuring Normalcy: Retirement is a whole new phase of life. At first, it may be fun and exciting, even like new-found freedom, as you no longer have to wake up to an alarm clock. Soon, you may find that your new “normal” is anything but normal. An established set of habits to make your day more predictable can give you back that feeling of normalcy.
At Wesley Enhanced Living, our staff is trained to help retirees establish and maintain a predictable routine for all levels of lifestyle. We offer retirement facilities at affordable rates. Talk to the staff at any one of our six locations in and around the Philadelphia area and see why our seniors love living out their golden years here. One of our Sales Managers will be glad to show you around, inform you of our services, and discuss your needs. Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior living for you or your loved ones. Please visit our continuing care retirement communities to learn more or click here to request more information today.