There is a common misconception that making the move to a retirement community can limit your ability to continue practicing your favorite hobbies or even take up new ones. This could not be further from the truth! Retirement communities offer programs, tools and amenities that make it easier than ever to access the materials and spaces you need. Wesley Enhanced Living Retirement Communities offer a variety of services to help you maintain a rich and active lifestyle including:
  • Media Rooms: If you enjoy spending time online, keep in touch with family and friends near and far via email, or want to learn more about computers, our media rooms with Internet access are the place to be. We also offer a range of entertainment options and can help you stay up-to-date with your favorite shows and films.
  • Libraries: Whether you have already read most of the classics or are looking for a place to start, our libraries offer a wide range of books covering diverse interests and topics. Make reading your hobby or learn another skill by reading up on it.
  • Swimming:With pools in several of our communities,   we offer the perfect opportunity for low-impact fitness and pool-side activities. You can take up lane swimming, enjoy a heated therapy pool or join an aqua fit class.
  • Cooking:Not only are our independent living apartment homes and cottages fully equipped with new kitchens, our communities also offer cooking classes to expand your culinary knowledge. Try out new recipes or continue to enjoy your favorites. Time spent in the kitchen can be therapeutic and fun.
  • Faith:  If your faith plays a big role in your life, our retirement communities offer worship services, spiritual programs and faith areas designed to allow you time and opportunity for reflection. Whether spiritual or religious, we offer programming that allows you to keep and grow your faith.
  • Games and Billiards Rooms: Taking part in games that are social is a great way to make new friends, share new experiences and pick up new skills. Whether you become a pool shark or the next World Series of Poker Champion, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a good laugh and some healthy competition with fellow community members.
  • Fitness: Why not take up a hobby that will reward you with better health? No matter what your current activity level, our retirement communities offer fitness studios with a range of classes and activity types to get you moving. Try body fitness classes, seated yoga, tai chi or balance training to stay in great shape.
  • Social Activities:  Prefer to practice your hobbies with the company of others? Our communities have a host of planned social events, weekly activities and outings that you can take part in.
Wesley Enhanced Living’s six communities throughout Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties, offers high quality care and a variety of services and amenities so you can continue to lead a balanced life. Call us for more information and fill out the New Resident Application form when you are ready. We offer specialized care, exciting activities, programming and different living options to help you continue to live a fulfilling life.  To find out if Wesley Enhanced Living is the right retirement community for you or your loved one, please visit us. Click here to request more information.