“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

-Mark Twain

Finding out WHY is our purpose. Once we understand what we are meant to do, it helps drive our actions and behaviors and it motivates us. Being able to live with purpose through the work we do allows us to experience a better sense of fulfillment and live a more meaningful life. Finding your why involves seeking personal growth and realizing your own personal potential. Once you understand your why, this will motivate and drive you to achieve your full potential. 

At Wesley Enhanced Living, our purpose is to fulfill our responsibilities to our Mission, each other and the broader community with Grace, Honor, and Integrity.  We are motivated to make a compelling difference in the lives of our residents and to find ways to enhance their lives in every way possible. With a proud tradition of over 130 years serving seniors throughout Pennsylvania, our commitment to our purpose has been unwavering. We have been able to accomplish this through our Enhanced Living approach. 

Enhanced Living can be thought of as an environment of possibilities that spark the imagination of each individual to rediscover their life purpose and fulfillment. It is a process that guides every thought and action that we take as we interact with our fellow employees and residents. Enhanced Living belongs to, and is the responsibility of, everyone who is an employee at Wesley Enhanced Living. The Enhanced Living environment is an inspirational, active, engaged, and welcoming culture where everyone is valued. 

Live your purpose and do what you love!

At Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL), our culture is cultivated by our people and their commitment to our purpose. A sense of community has developed from the connections made and camaraderie of our employees. Here, you are able to build meaningful relationships with residents, their families, and your peers; enjoy an environment where everyone is working together towards a common goal – to make an Impact in the lives of others; and experience an unparalleled commitment to our Mission and Vision, to each other and the broader community with Grace, Honor, and Integrity. Join Our Team and we will make a difference together!