Tips from Your Friends at Wesley Enhanced Living

The summer heat is nothing to sneeze at, and is hard on everyone. It can quickly turn a healthy parent into a patient!  Seniors are even more susceptible to illnesses caused by excessive heat and humidity. For example, if their body temperature rises too rapidly, they may suffer from heat stroke, which can be life-threatening. On the other side of the spectrum is heat exhaustion where the body feels cool with goosebumps occurring on the skin even in the intense heat. If your mom or dad fails to take in enough fluids, they can become severely dehydrated. It is extremely dangerous for the aged as their organs may be adversely affected due to dehydration. The aged have lower volumes of water in their bodies. Couple that with medication that can increase their risk of dehydration, and it is a recipe for disaster. If your loved one suffers the effects of any of these summer dangers, staying at one of Wesley Enhanced Living’s Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Facilities can help get back their health. 

Help Protect Your Seniors from the Summer Heat 

There are steps you can take to help your elderly family member stay safe and enjoy the summer:
  • Keep them hydrated: It is imperative that they drink plenty of fluids like water. Keep them away from drinks that can exacerbate the problem, such as alcohol.
  • Keep them out of the sun: Make sure dad stays out of direct sunlight. Wearing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen helps.
  • Ensure the air conditioner or fan is working: Your senior needs to stay out the heat, but it does not help if the house is hot. A functioning air conditioner or fan is critical.
  • Appropriate medications: Some medical conditions and prescriptions can affect how their bodies will react to the heat. A talk with the doctor will help avoid illness.
  • Encourage mom not to overdress: Too many layers can cause the body to overheat. Winter is gone; so should the layers of clothing.
  • Visit your mom or dad frequently: Consider stopping by after work or having a neighbor check in when you cannot be there.
  • Move your parents to a retirement community: Living in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) provides your loved one with all the care they need.
Stave Off the Heat and Get More Tips to Help Seniors from Wesley Enhanced Living Protect your senior loved one when you take steps to keep them hydrated and refreshed. At Wesley Enhanced Living, they can enjoy the comforts of home with the additional help from caring staff to make sure they stay cool as a cucumber. Contact one of our Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors love it here.  Wesley Enhanced Living offers high-quality senior living communities for you or your loved ones. Please visit us to learn more or click here to request more information today.