It isn’t always easy to see the benefits of a major lifestyle change, especially if someone else is proposing the idea. If your parents are not convinced that the move to a senior living community could make their lives easier, more fulfilling and secure, you may need to show them otherwise. Not sure how you can get them to understand how this move will improve their lifestyle? Call the friendly staff at Wesley Enhanced Living for guidance and read these helpful tips that may persuade your parents to open their minds to the idea of an senior living community. 3 Tips for Showing Your Parents the Benefits of a Senior Living Community It can be emotional and challenging to discuss moving to senior living community with your parents. Try highlighting these benefits and focus on having a practical conversation. They may resist the idea at first, but laying out logical benefits and being sympathetic to their concerns will help make the conversation easier. Focus on these positive aspects of the proposed new arrangement:
  • Social Life: If your parents face a week filled with long days spent alone, focus on the social network of peers they will have access to in a retirement community. No more lonely afternoons, since there are plenty of programming options and an entire group of new friends to be made.
  • Chores: Housework is one of the first things to slip for many aging individuals who have trouble with mobility or other health problems. Laundry, cleaning, and doing the dishes will be a thing of the past, so they can focus on enjoying their hobbies, developing new skills and making memories with friends.
  • Healthcare: If health concerns are becoming a mounting issue for your loved one, focus on the benefits of having a team of trained staff available at all hours. From daily medication to falls and accidents, you and your parent will benefit from the confidence and security provided by consistent access to medical care.
  • Diet: Wesley Enhanced Living has chefs at each of our six locations throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs to keep your parents eating healthy, balanced and satisfying meals all year long. No more lugging groceries or taking time to prepare meals. Whether your parent has special dietary requirements or allergies, we can create a personalized meal plan so that they are eating well each and every day.
  • Safety:Security, rules and a team of dedicated and attentive staff mean that your parent will be looked after. You don’t have to worry about unsecure buildings or unpredictable community members. Our retirement communities are built around and focused on keeping our residents safe, healthy, and happy.
Still not sure your parents will understand the benefits of a senior living community? After having an open and honest discussion, bring them to visit one of Wesley Enhanced Living’s communities. Our range of amenities, room types, friendly staff and unique activities will help them see that the move will be fun and practical for you and them. If they have specific questions, feel free to get them in touch with our staff. Seeing is believing, so don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a visit today! They can fill out the New Resident Application formwhen they are ready. Call or visit us today to find out if Wesley Enhanced Living is the right retirement home for you or your loved one. You can also click here to request more information today.