Mental Stimulation and Its Health Benefits for Seniors

As aches and pains take over the body and demands of work and personal responsibilities slow down, it can be easy for aging individuals to fall into a routine of isolation and immobility. The regular TV programming is easy to rely on for entertainment, but can often lead to health problems and loneliness. If you worry about the amount of mental stimulation you or your loved one is receiving when living independently, consider making the move to a retirement home. A group of peers, helpful staff, and regularly scheduled activities beyond channel-surfing or reading will ensure your loved one continues to live a full and balanced life as they get older.

3 Benefits of Mental Stimulation in an Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

The benefits don’t end at having more fun and enjoying new experiences. The following health benefits have been connected to the regular, positive and social and mental stimulation senior living community can provide:

1. Independence: There is a sense of independence and purpose that is accompanied by having a full calendar. If you have options each week to keep stimulated, you will focus on the positive aspects of your life and may feel a sense of accomplishment and independence. There are plenty of options to keep you comfortable at Wesley Enhanced Living. From daily activities to weekly events and a variety of room types, you or your loved one will be able to take part in as much or as little as desired.

2. Meaningful Connections: Relationships with TV characters can be strong, but they can’t be reciprocated. Having a network of peers who can share different experiences, are going through similar situations and are available to create new memories with will make life much more enjoyable. Friendships will help you or your aging parent feel confident and supported in their daily life. The power of sharing a laugh, enjoying a meal and experiencing new things with a friend has innumerable benefits for the body and mind.

3. Physical Exercise: Isolation often leads to stasis, since it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get moving. Taking part in group activities, scheduled outings and taking advantage of the facilities offered at retirement homes means that you or your loved one will enjoy better physical health. Regular exercise will increase strength, enhance mood, and improve overall wellbeing. That means more energy and better health!

Want to learn more about the social, emotional, and health benefits of living in a retirement home? Contact the friendly professionals at Wesley Enhanced Living to find out about our facilities, care options and available programming. We have six retirement communities throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs to suit you or your loved ones’ needs. Our trained staff and vibrant community members are here to support your overall wellbeing. Call us today to learn more about our facilities and services, or fill out the New Resident Application form when you are ready.

Visit us to see if Wesley Enhanced Living is the right independent living community for you or your loved one. You can also click here to request more information today.

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