What’s a Memory Palace?

Just like a mnemonic device, a memory palace is a technique that can help increase the ability to recall and retain information. This technique was created in ancient Greece and has served as an effective way for seniors to improve their memory recognition and recall.

How to Build a Memory Palace

 Follow these steps to help improve brain function.

  1. Choose a place that can be easily visualized in the mind’s eye as a blueprint. The memory palace is just a metaphor for any place that can be visualized. The place can be a church, an entire neighborhood, or Wesley Enhanced Living. It must be something that is very familiar without seeing it in real life.
  2. Mentally, walk through the palace to define a route. Decide how to travel through the palace. If the place is Wesley Enhanced Living, walk through the community to physically establish the route, and repeat out loud distinctive features. If the palace is a childhood home, think about where to enter from and in what order to walk through the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, etc.
  3. Identify specific locations in the palace to store information. The information that is stored in the memory palace varies from person to person. For seniors that have more difficulty recalling names or important dates, store each piece of information in a separate location. Each storage space needs to be unique to not accidentally mistake one spot for another. Within each room, identify smaller locations like pieces of furniture, paintings, or a rug. Place important information in small chunks around the palace. Put a manageable amount of information in each spot. For example, if phone calls with a close friend are typically taken on the couch, put their phone number on the couch.  
  4. Create a rough sketch of the memory palace on a piece of paper. Map out a designated route and mark any landmarks. Check the mental image against the sketch to make sure every location is in the correct order. Spend around 15 minutes exploring the memory palace every day. The more time spent in the palace, the easier it is to recall information on demand. When information needs to be updated, replace existing contents with new information.

Practice Brain Exercises at Wesley Enhanced Living

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