Showing up for the interview is the first step in expressing your interest in a company. The interview is meant to solidify whether or not you are a fit for the company and if the company is right for you. You may feel that the conversation went well and you are ready to move forward. You cannot assume the interviewer got the same impression from you, so it is important to make your interest known. 

Ask For the Job

The only way to ensure the interviewer knows you are interested is to tell them. Here are ways to do that throughout the interview process:

  • Express Your Enthusiasm: As the interview progresses and you learn more, keep track of items that impressed you the most about the company. Maybe it is the culture or how the teams work seamlessly together. Share this information honestly and highlight what is important to you in a work environment. Make sure the interviewer knows you are interested in the company.
  • Offer More Information: Throughout the interview, you will want to share details about your skills and abilities and provide examples of what you have accomplished. Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer if they need more clarity around your skills or would like additional information to determine your qualifications for the role. 
  • Inquire About Next Steps: Every company has their own interview process. Some may conduct several interviews before making final decisions. You may be asked to come back multiple times to meet with several different individuals. It is okay to ask if they have a timeline to fill the position. Also, you may ask what you can expect as a next step, e.g., “I am excited about pursuing this opportunity further. Can you tell me the next steps in the interview process?”
  • Thank the Interviewer. Thank the interviewer for their time and for providing more insight into the company and this role. As you thank them, let them know you look forward to speaking with them again soon.
  • Contact Information. Make sure to ask for a business card, so you can follow-up after the interview with a thank you note within 24-hours of your interview. 

You never want to leave an interviewer wondering whether or not you are interested in a job. Make it clear, so if it is mutual, nothing will hold them back from moving forward with you. Following up with a thank you email is a great way to reiterate your interest, highlight your skills, and share any additional information that would be relevant to this opportunity. This will help you make a lasting impression.  

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