Making an impact is having a strong effect on someone or something. Being thoughtful with our words, our actions, and our behaviors allows us to make a positive impact. When we do what we love and invest in ourselves and others, we will have success in our journey. Remember to…

  • Live and Work with Purpose.  Discover what you are meant to do, this will help drive your actions and behaviors and keep you motivated. Connecting your purpose to the work you do allows you to choose a company whose mission, vision, and values align with your own. 
  • Build Connections. Cultivate relationships with others. Seek connections with others in your organization and your industry. It is important to have people in your network you can engage to gain insight, share ideas, and utilize as a thought partner.
  • Keep Learning. You must continue to learn and grow in order to be successful in attaining your goals. Being a life-long learner will allow you to develop both personally and professionally. The more you know the better positioned you are to make an impact and help others.
  • Share your Knowledge. You are uniquely you and add value in so many ways. It is important to share your subject matter expertise with others so they are also able to learn and grow. We are stronger together and we should never hesitate to rise others up. 
  • Encourage Others. When you inspire and uplift others, you are building an environment where everyone feels supported. Through this, camaraderie and connections are formed that bring people together.A little Kindness goes a long way in showing someone you care.

At Wesley Enhanced Living, we are dedicated to making a compelling difference in the lives our residents. Our employees’ commitment to our Mission, our Vision, and our Values is what drives our success as an organization. Every person, in every position, in every department is valued and is able to make a positive impact each and every day.

Here, you can make an impact while doing what you love!

At Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL), our culture is cultivated by our people and their commitment to our purpose. A sense of community has developed from the connections made and camaraderie of our employees. Here, you are able to build meaningful relationships with residents, their families, and your peers; enjoy an environment where everyone is working together towards a common goal – to make an Impact in the lives of others; and experience an unparalleled commitment to our Mission and Vision, to each other and the broader community with Grace, Honor, and Integrity. Join Our Team and we will make a difference together!