A major surgery is tough on everyone — the patient and their loved ones. These operations can be especially difficult on aging individuals who do not have the strength to take care of themselves after undergoing a major procedure. The responsibility for their care largely falls on the shoulders of family members. Unfortunately, this puts a great deal of stress on them, and they may feel anxious about leaving their parents or loved ones home alone after surgery. We understand that busy family schedules don’t always leave time for multiple rehabilitation appointments, therapy programs, and daily caregiving. That is why Wesley Enhanced Living offers flexible rehabilitation and skilled nursing options for patients recovering from surgery. If your parent has scheduled their procedure, but in-home care is not an affordable or viable option, consider a nursing home for short-term or long-term care. Nursing homes in Doylestown, PA, and beyond can be customized based on the unique situation of your family. To help you decide if this is the best option for your mom or dad, our experts have presented the top benefits of senior rehab centers.

The Challenges of Recovering at Home

After major surgery, all a person wants to do is settle into bed and let the healing process begin while surrounded by family and the comforts of home. However, being home alone after surgery can be hazardous to a senior’s health and wellbeing. For example, they may need the continuing care of a physical therapist or help administering medications. Driving to and from these appointments can be impossible for some elderly patients who have undergone surgery and can put too much strain on busy family members. Additionally, the patient may require medical equipment, such as a stairlift or accessible bathtub, during recovery that their home or budget cannot accommodate. If they try to live without these pieces of equipment, not only is it more challenging for their friends and family to care for them, but it is also more dangerous for them to attempt to go about life as usual. Instead of attempting to recover at home, senior patients should consider staying at a skilled nursing facility for the short term. There are so many wonderful benefits of senior rehab centers for Mom and her loved ones, including easy access to therapy, social interactions, and affordable care.

The Top Benefits of Senior Rehab Centers

Don’t let surgery and post-op recovery cause you or your parent stress. Let our friendly and professional staff remove the burden of after-care from your shoulders and keep your parent feeling safe, active, and healthy during their recovery period and beyond. Our senior rehab centers across Philadelphia provide the following benefits:

Reduced Stress

Recovering from surgery can be stressful for everyone, especially older people, since the healing process can be extensive, and they may need to rely heavily on others to do even the most basic functions. The good news is that skilled nurses and caregivers understand how to build elderly patients’ confidence and help them remain positive on their road to recovery.

Around-the-Clock Care

When Mom has surgery, the first thing on your mind is how you will balance everything to provide the support and care she needs while also attending to your work and kids. At a senior rehabilitation center like Wesley Enhanced Living, she will have access to a team of professionals who are trained in a range of therapies, including physical and occupational therapy. She will also be supported by a medically trained team that can address any ongoing issues post-surgery.

Social Interaction

Recovering in isolation can be lonely and depressing. Working with an individual in-home care assistant can be great, but a nursing home offers an entire team of dedicated and properly trained staff as well as access to a community of like-minded peers. New social connections and friendships can lift your loved one’s spirits and contribute to a faster recovery than if they are left alone.

Easier Transition

Moving back home after an extended stay at a hospital or invasive procedure can be frustrating and difficult for your parent. Not being able to maneuver around their living space as they once did can lead to long days, aggravation, and feelings of helplessness. Staying at a short-term skilled nursing facility in Philadelphia can help make the healing process easier.  If it comes to light that your parent needs help from a health professional for an extended period of time, this stay in a senior rehab center will make the transition to a long-term assisted living facility smoother. A new environment where personalized care and medical assistance are the norm will help them accept help and feel comfortable on their road to recovery.

Affordable Care

Rehabilitation and skilled nursing centers are designed for these specific circumstances, and your parent’s stay can be customized for their special concerns, health requirements, and needs. The specialized nature of these centers means that they are more affordable and convenient than other options. Everything from meals and cleaning to health care is included in the cost of your parent’s stay.

The Post-Surgery Care Your Parent Deserves

While at-home rehabilitation may be the right option for some, senior rehab centers provide exceptional benefits, making it the perfect solution for most. And with a Wesley Enhanced Living facility on almost every corner in the Greater Philadelphia area, you don’t have to worry when Mom has surgery. You’ll know her post-surgery care will be handled with professionalism in a comfortable environment and according to her physician’s instructions. Call us today to learn more about our services and facilities, or fill out the New Resident Application form when you are ready.