Spring is a favorite time to move, whether into a new home or a continuing care retirement community. When you move into one of the beautiful communities at Wesley Enhanced Living, you will soon find life more fulfilling than you could have imagined. Soon you will make new memories to add to your old ones. We support our seniors in making the transition from living alone and into a vibrant group of fellow retirees.  

As you start downsizing, you may go through a myriad of emotions while sorting through all your belongings. One way to make your move smoother is to choose the right moving company. Transitioning from your family home into a smaller, more manageable abode does not have to be a hassle or a stressful experience. Find the best movers by investing a little time into research and checking references.

Suggestions to Help Pick the Best Moving Company for Your Transition 

Enjoy spring in your new retirement community by choosing the best moving company for you. Here are a few suggestions to help:

  • Seek Out Referrals: You can definitely start researching online and in your local phone book for moving companies. However, if that seems daunting, ask friends, family, and even your real estate agent for suggestions of reputable companies.
  • Get More than One Estimate: It pays to talk to more than one professional mover. Ideally, aim for at least three estimates. Look for those that will come and personally look at what you are moving. You can expect a more accurate quote this way.
  • Keep Your Eyes Open for Red Flags: Throughout the process, stay alert. If a company you are talking with requires a cash deposit before your move, it might be a good idea to go with another mover instead. Pay attention to the estimator’s eye for details. Were they punctual? Do they seem confident in what they are doing? Do they own their equipment?
  • Verify if They Are Licensed and Insured: You can verify if they are DOT certified, especially if you are moving out of state. You may want to check with your state’s consumer affairs agency to see if they are legitimate as well.
  • Check If They Are with the BBB: Investigate the company’s status with the Better Business Bureau. Look for companies with good ratings or those that are accredited.

Move with Confidence this Spring – Wesley Enhanced Living Can Help

Make your move into a continuing care retirement community like Wesley Enhanced Living easier when you put some effort into hiring a moving crew. Our team understands your need to keep living life to its fullest; and this transition may be hard. Look forward to connecting with new friends and experiences when you move here. We serve our seniors with several lifestyle options including independent living, personal care services, rehabilitation, and long-term care. Come on by and check it out for yourself!

Wesley Enhanced Living provides high-quality senior retirement communities for you or your loved ones.  Contact one of our Philadelphia area locations and find out why our seniors love where they live. Our staff is happy to discuss your elder’s needs or your own, give you a tour and inform you of our range of services.