Are you in between jobs and worried that it may take too long to find another one? Maybe you were part of company cutbacks, or perhaps you just graduated from college. Searching for a new position within a company can be a “hurry up and wait game.” You scramble to get your resume polished and submitted to a potential employer, and then everything comes to a screeching halt. Now, you have to wait…and wait.

The timeline between searching for a job and getting hired depends on the industry. Finding the perfect fit for your nursing, hospitality, or dietary skills can be much quicker, especially in continuing care retirement communities. The health field is in high demand of dedicated professionals like you. It does take a little time, but it is worth it.

How Long Should You Expect the Job Hunt Process to Take? 

The short answer is, “It depends on the industry and the economy.” However, you can expect a general timeline between searching for a job and getting hired, to look similar to this:

  1. After Application Submission: Once you apply for a new job, it can take between one and two weeks to hear back from the company. This step also depends on the quality of your resume and how many applicants are in the pool. 
  2. After Your Initial Contact: Getting the first contact is exciting. It also means you may be invited to a phone interview or possibly an in-person one. This can take about a week or so to schedule, giving you a little bit of time to hone your interview skills.
  3. After the Interview: If the company decides on having more than one interview, you will have about a week to ten days of anticipation. You may be invited to another interview, or you may be offered a job. 
  4. Once You Are Offered a Job: You have landed the position you dreamed about. Congratulations! Now, you will have a little more time to wait as you give your notice to your old employer and your new company conducts a background check. This process can take about two weeks.  

Finding a perfect position takes dedication. No matter how long it takes you to find your next dream job, you should always stay on top of your resume and interview skills. Ask for help practicing how to answer common questions and remember to send thank you notes for that extra touch that makes you stand out among other candidates.

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