Food has purpose in everyone’s lives. Food provides medical and nutritional needs, as well as psychological healing. High quality protein foods are able to assist in the healing of wounds and building muscle so we can get stronger. Food provides nourishment and gives us energy. Food is deeply rooted in our different cultures and traditions and impacts each of us in different ways. We have conversations over meals, we make food to comfort loved ones, and we even give food as gifts in various forms. Smells of food can even take us back to a specific memory or remind us of people or events in our lives. 

At Wesley Enhanced Living, we strive to shift the paradigm of aging services for the next generation by making sure food has a purpose in our resident’s lives. We accomplish this by changing the perception of what it means to live, age, and eat in a senior living community. Changing the perspective on dining in senior living includes recognizing that food has a different meaning to each of our residents and this focus also gives our team members a sense of purpose. We offer innovation in the resident meal experience by practicing resident-centered dining, including residents on menu development, packing protein into our staple ingredients, and keeping a pulse on modern food trends. We are dedicated to using quality ingredients and maintaining standards to preserve the integrity of each meal experience. 

Our Chefs and Dietitians work closely to ensure meals are prepared with care and meet the needs of each resident. Our residents may experience challenges like taking multiple medications with complex interactions and side effects, food allergies, difficulty chewing or swallowing, and additional medical needs we need to consider. We take all of this into account and have implemented programs that trigger the senses and have been successful in providing healing and support to our residents. 

Visually, we are not just preparing amazing plate presentations; we are designing a plate to make a resident smile or perhaps increase their appetite. Through our puree program, we have been able to take a traditional “meat and potatoes” meal, puree it, and transform it into a nutrition-packed, sensually stimulating, and visually pleasing meal experience. We have moved away from the model of dropping a tray of food at someone’s bedside to creating a social dining experience with the chatter of neighbors enjoying a meal together and delightful smells of a variety of foods being served. 

In a time where food is often provided for nourishment, we make food a part of our culture. Each resident deserves to sit down to a hot meal of their choosing, not just by selecting it from the menu, but by being part of the menu building process and beyond.  Food is bigger than just calories, and at Wesley we take that seriously.

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