No matter what your age, falling can result in injury, some may even be severe. As you age, the severity of your injuries from a fall increases. What you may have shrugged off in your 20s could lead to surgery and a hospital stay as you grow older. Not only are there risks of falling outside, but one area most seniors and their caregivers tend to overlook is the danger of falling inside the home. At Wesley Enhanced Living, we strive to help our seniors minimize the reasons for falls. We have staff on hand to help you organize your home and monitor your medications so that you can enjoy your independence without worry of injury from falling. 7 Common Fall Risks to Look Out For One way to stay independent is to take a look at your home and your lifestyle and determine what you can change to keep yourself safe. Here are 7 common fall risks you should look out for to keep safe:
  1. Pets Under Foot: Fifi may love her treats and her dinner, but she can cause you injury if she gets too excited and accidentally knocks you over! You stand a good chance of tripping over pet toys left scattered on the floor. Take a look at the habits between you and your pet. Consider how you might change feeding time, or make it a routine of picking up toys when not in use.
  2. Highly Waxed Floors: There is beauty in a freshly waxed floor, but there is a danger as well. Be sure to watch your step when walking on waxed floors.
  3. Change of Medication: Make sure you ask your doctor about any side effects, including dizziness, when being prescribed new medicine. Dizziness can increase your risk of falling substantially.
  4. Low Drawer Storage: Storing frequently used items in a low drawer can be dangerous. Bending over can cause you to lose your balance. Move those items you use often up to a level where you do not have to bend.
  5. Sitting on the Edge of the Bed When Getting Dressed: While your bed may be very comfortable at night, it is not the best choice for sitting on to get dressed or change your shoes. You can easily lose your balance and fall off the bed. Consider using a firm chair when you need to get dressed.
  6. Changing Positions Too Fast: Jumping up to chase a grandchild can lead to light-headedness because of the change in blood pressure. Take it slow when changing positions.
  7. Navigating Around Poorly Positioned Furniture: Sometimes we just have too much furniture leading to careful navigation between rooms. Think about what you can do without and reposition what is left to minimize falling.
Take the time to assess your home and lifestyle so you can avoid injury from falling. Our senior living communities at Wesley Enhanced Living help you assess your surroundings, modify your movements, and continue to live life to the fullest. Call one of our locations today and our staff is always happy to talk you about your needs or give you a tour. Ready to see the benefits of living in a Wesley Enhanced Living community? Visit our senior living communities to learn more or click here to request more information today.