Exercise is important at every age and even more in our golden years. It can help boost your energy, maintain your independence and even manage symptoms of illness or pain. Some studies suggest that regular exercise can also reverse some symptoms of aging. In addition to improving physical fitness and health, being active has also proven to be good for your mind, memory, and mood. However, many seniors find it a challenge to start and maintain an exercise regime. Running, swimming, archery, yoga, dancing— there are plenty of ways to get moving and have fun at the same time, especially if you live in an independent living community offering diverse recreational programs. Try it! Take Inspiration from these Seniors and Stay Healthy Whether you are 60 or 80, it is never too late to take up a sport or a hobby. Many of the seniors we have profiled below did, and so can you!
  • Yoga: Tao Porchon-Lynch, 98, has been the world’s oldest living yoga teacher since 2012. Born in India, the globetrotter has taught yoga for more than 45 years and still holds several classes each week in New York State. But that’s not all she does! The accomplished ballroom dancer became an instant hit with her appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2015. Her great attitude helped her make headlines.
  • Athletics: The late Olga Kotelko, competed on a world stage till she died in June 2014. The 95-year-old Canadian traveled to Budapest in her last year, where she entered and became a world champion in nine events (including long/high/and triple jump), setting world records in seven. Previously holding 2 gold medals and multiple world records in the 90 to 94 age group, she only took up master’s athletics when she was 77.
  • Skiing and scaling: Ever dreamed of skiing or scaling a mountain? Many seniors have pursued their passion in their golden years. Japanese octogenarian Yuichiro Miura says, “…regard the age of 80 as a start” for pursuing your goals. He scaled Mount Everest at the ages of 70 and 80 and plans to do it again when he turns 90 in a few years. His father who was skiing at the age of 99 was a great role model. Hilda Jamieson of Scotland too proved that age is no barrier to being active. She swam the oceans, golfed till she turned 100 and retired from skiing at 102 years.
  • Marathons: In 2015, Harriette Thompson of North Carolina became the oldest person to complete a marathon. She had completed the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego race at the age of 92. Skin cancer treatment forced her to take a break in 2016, but she hopes to run again next year. She has inspired many runners including senior marathoners to follow her path.
  • Archery: Bodhi Hanna Kistner of Germany began Zen archery lessons at the age of 60. Although dismissed by her teacher for being a terrible student, she stuck with it because she liked the meditative aspects of the sport. Owing to her positive attitude about aging and determination, the 86-year old continues to teach Zen archery to students around the world.
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