As you age, it becomes increasingly important to take care of your body and maintain muscle and joint health through daily exercise to ensure you can continue doing the things you love. Most seniors may not have access to a swimming pool in their home, but at Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line, our heated swimming pool allows our residents to enjoy swimming all year round! They love having the opportunity to take aquatics classes instructed by our knowledgeable, CPR-certified trainers or just relaxing in the pool for a fun afternoon with friends. 

Benefits of Swimming for Senior Health

Here’s several reasons why making a splash into the deep end can have significant health advantages in your golden years. 

  1. Improves cardiovascular health: Swimming is an aerobic exercise. This means that it’s good for strengthening your heart by pumping blood more efficiently, leading to healthy blood flow in the body. Just 30 minutes of swimming several times a week can significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, raise “good” cholesterol, and lower high blood pressure. 
  2. Boosts mental health: Taking the plunge is linked with being mentally therapeutic and can help you stay young at heart! Swimming a couple times a week can relieve stress, lower anxiety and depression, and promote healthy brain function through increased blood flow to the brain. A couple laps in the pool can also help you benefit from mood-boosting endorphins! 
  3. Reduces the risk of falls and injuries: The older you get, the more likely it is for falls and injuries to occur. Swimming can reduce any worries you might have of you or a loved one injuring themselves. Not only is swimming great for exercise, but it’s also a fantastic way to strengthen muscles, joints, flexibility, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. When your body becomes stronger and more flexible, the chances of injury and falls reduces greatly! 
  4. Aids with weight management: Seniors often struggle with maintaining a healthy weight due to loss of appetite or not enough exercise, which can put them at risk for falls, heart disease, or diabetes. Swimming is a low-impact form of exercise that will help you manage your weight and lessen weight fluctuations by helping you shed pounds or build up your appetite. 
  5. Protects joint health: Seniors with arthritis or similar conditions can benefit greatly from aquatic therapy, like swimming, since the buoyancy of water reduces the amount of pressure you are placing on your joints compared to traditional exercise. However, it is always important to practice proper form while swimming to ensure that your joints are well-protected from straining-related injuries. 

Water Aerobics, Swimming Lessons, and More at Wesley Enhanced Living

Appreciate life more when you move to Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line! Our residents enjoy the many social and recreational activities and events at our senior living community, like water aerobics, Aqua Tai Chi, and Aqua Zumba in our indoor heated pool. Find out why our seniors love it here by choosing from our independent living, personal care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing options. Contact us today to find out which option may work best for you.

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