Wesley Enhanced Living Upper Moreland’s senior residents have created an attractive and relevant scholarship program called ServeWEL to support its employees pursuing college degrees. Pursuing higher education comes with a price tag that can often feel daunting. Offering employees tuition assistance through scholarships like ServeWEL gives them the opportunity to learn new skills and become reliable assets to the organization during or post-graduation. 

The ServeWEL Scholarship began in 2006 when Joe Wiseman, an active and popular resident proposed the idea of a scholarship program as an effective tool for the retention of the newest and youngest employees. Wiseman was impressed by the determination, intelligence, and desire of the young dining servers to continue their employment at Wesley Enhanced Living Upper Moreland while making their way through college. He saw the scholarship program as a way to encourage high school student employees to return to the community throughout college, while also assisting them with the expenses incurred in pursuit of higher education. 

Through perseverance and his signature charismatic style, Wiseman was able to garner support from the corporate team and community leadership. Most importantly, the strong desire to help its student employees extended beyond Wiseman to many of the residents who have supported this cause from the beginning. This program is currently in its 16th year and is open to all staff seeking a college education. ServeWEL has awarded over $100,000 in scholarship funding. 

This program is a yearly resident-led effort to support its student employees. Residents hold fundraising projects and events each year to collect donations from other residents, their families, and staff members for the program. This year, to draw attention to the program, the committee organized a quirky fashion show with proceeds going to scholarship funding.

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When pursuing the next step in your career journey, it’s important to look for a company that supports its employees through genuine actions. At Wesley Enhanced Living, our employees benefit from our belief that continuing education enables professional growth. You can look forward to expanding your career opportunities here through the support of our leadership team and senior residents. Contact us today if you are ready to jumpstart your future with a company that encourages its employees in their educational pursuits!

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