It’s never too late to try something new. When approaching retirement, there is no need to fear boredom, loneliness, or isolation. In fact, retirement offers the perfect medium to expand your knowledge, create new memories, and broaden your social networks to help you discover hidden talents. There is no age limit on learning. Retirement is the best time to take advantage of all those “maybe next year” moments and expand your potential. Did you know that Julia Child didn’t write her first cook book until she was almost 50? Or that Colonel Sanders didn’t begin his Fried Chicken empire until 65? With the multitude of activities offered in today’s retirement communities, it is getting easier to rise to new heights and discover new talents. Learning new languages, creating artistic masterpieces, starring in theatrical productions, and growing community roots isn’t just for the young anymore. Not only does retirement living make building new skills accessible to residents- it offers a platform for seniors to grow and thrive. Recent studies show that seniors who stay busy are more involved socially which not only leads to new experiences, but also leads to new friendships. Many find engaging in social interactions while developing new interests therapeutic and relaxing. Only adding to the benefits of active learning, studies also show that those engaged in new activities show improved mental and physical health. An example of a modern retirement community, Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) centers its resident experience on developing lifestyles where seniors wake up looking forward to their day. At Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line, residents and the surrounding community have a platform for which to exhibit their work and learn from the professionals. For example, in their monthly Artist Spotlight Series, WEL hosts a wine reception and lecture where a local artist displays their work while residents learn how it was created. Residents then have the opportunity to apply their new knowledge in WEL Main Line’s on-site art studio. Not interested in art? Take advantage of the community’s in-house lecture series featuring guest speakers that present topics including new technologies, historical events, diverse cultures, and iconic places. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From theater groups, to fitness classes, to community events and bus trips, WEL offers the opportunity make retirement an everyday adventure. If you’re interested in learning more about Wesley Enhanced Living and how our communities can help you explore your possibilities, visit or call 877-U-AGE-WEL today.