As an organization, Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) is dedicated to Quality. In 2013, Wesley Enhanced Living established a continuous improvement program, which was branded as SQAPE, Sustainable Quality Assurance and Performance Enhancement. 

SQAPE is an on-going program that reflects a commitment to and a focus on assuring a standard of excellence in all aspects of WEL’s services, business, and operations. Its purpose is to realize our vision by engaging all of Wesley Enhanced Living’s employees, residents, their families, our stakeholders, and our business partners to strive for and achieve even higher standards of excellence in everything we do (continuous improvement). This program encompasses our company’s mission, vision and values and encourages the fundamental thought process for everyone that touches Wesley Enhanced Living to achieve the highest level of quality and excellence. Everyone plays a role in quality and improving care and services we provide. 

At any given time we have several Performance Enhancement Project (PEP) teams going through the SQAPE process to clearly define opportunities for improvement; establish metrics and conduct root cause analysis; identify potential solutions and implement appropriate solutions; and measure outcomes and sustainability.

2019 Performance Enhancement Projects

This year, we had seven teams complete projects from our communities. We want to congratulate these teams for their hard work and dedication to helping Wesley Enhanced Living achieve the highest level of quality and excellence in the care and services we provide. After reviewing the submitted projects, our SQAPE Committee was able to identify three project teams who most effectively followed the SQAPE methodology and are deserving of special recognition. 

Congratulations to our SQAPE Award winners:

Sonia S., Colleen F., Chanel G., Caryn I., Shakira M., and their Team Leader, Ryan L., from our Wesley Enhanced Living Pennypack Park community who identified ways to enhance interdepartmental relationships through communication. Special thanks to their PEP Team Champion, Brian C. for his guidance through this process.  

Xiaoquing L., Jackie K., Tara D., Elizabeth N. (intern), Abriana O. (intern), and Team Leader, Megan B. from our Wesley Enhanced Living Pennypack Park community who found ways to identify and overcome obstacles that were limiting programming necessary for 1:1 interventions with residents. Special thanks to their PEP Team Champion, Brian C. for his guidance through this process.  

Eric C., Alison S., James G., Robert G., and Team Leader, Rick A. from our Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown community who identified a potential safety issue involving the storing of assistive mobility devices in a common gathering area and identified and implemented solutions that made both residents and staff feel comfortable and safe. Special thanks to their PEP Team Champion, Karen D. for her guidance through this process.  

All participants were recognized on Friday, November 8, 2019 at a special SQAPE luncheon. 

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